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Is a slow economy an excuse to turn a blind eye to the threats that face our nation? How can we combat such threats if we do not even know they exist, or have the means to combat them? These are questions that Frank’s first guest, Ralph Reed, bring to light. Americans cannot lose sight of that simple fact that there are entities in this world, either state or non-state actors, that wish to harm and ultimately bring down the American way of life. Republicans must keep their eye on the ball and keep the public informed to these threats so drastic actions, such as slashing our defense budget, do not take place and compromise American security.

Tony Blankley, contributor to the Washington Times, spends two segments with Frank enlightening Americans on China’s possible growing influence. “China is not 10 feet tall and America is no midget.” Now more than ever America needs to stand up, be strong and lead from the front. Europe might be turning to China for economic assistance and in return for more influence as well as a European blind eye to their devious economic transgressions. Nations in Asia are looking to the U.S. to take the lead and provide support in countering this ever increasing aggressor. Nations are increasing their own military readiness, but are still hoping the U.S. will stand tall against China. These nations will follow as long as America is willing to lead. With American influence and strength as well as the support of the Asian nations, Chinese power can be curtailed and keep them operating within the world order.

Finally, Representative Steve Chabot of Ohio’s 1st District explains how the Muslim Brotherhood is a violent organization composed of violent extremists and America needs to stay vigilant in combating this threat.  The Obama Administration either believes the Muslim Brotherhood when they say they are working for democracy, in that case the administration is delusional, or the president fails to realize the nature of the threat. With governments in the Arab world toppling like dominoes, America needs to be ready to counter any threats that may emerge from these new regimes.  Can America really counter the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood if the Super Committee fails to reach an agreement and the defense budget is drastically reduced?

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