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Roger Noriega, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Reggie LittleJohn, Gordon Chang

July 2nd, 2012 ·

·         ROGER NORIEGA of InterAmerican Security Watch explains the security implications of the Mexican presidential election.

Mexico's Election & Why We Should Care

·         DR. ZUHDI JASSER of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy discusses the criticism of CAIR by American Muslims.

Why are American Muslims Critical of CAIR?

·         REGGIE LITTLEJOHN from Women’s Rights Without Frontiers talks about China’s one-child policy and how it is impacting Chinese security and the future of Chinese life.

Father of forcibly aborted Chinese baby reported missing

·         GORDON CHANG from analyzes China’s economic slowdown and the implications it has on both China’s and America’s security at home and abroad.

The US, China, Iran Oil Showdown


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Philip Dunmire, Steven Groves, Reggie LittleJohn, Eric Schmitt

May 1st, 2012 ·

· Philip Dunmire, national president of the Navy League of the Untied States explains the future of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard if the sequestration cuts go into effect.

Sequester Will Slam Shipbuilding Hardest; Navy League Rallies Resistance

· Steven Groves from the Heritage Foundation discusses the LOST Treaty and how it will ruin US sovereignty and economic prosperity.

Former Senator Trent Lott Lobbies for U.N. Treaty He Vehemently Opposed

· Reggie LittleJohn of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers gives her take on China’s One-Child Policy and the implications it has on foreign affairs

Chen Guangcheng risked everything to save women from forced abortion and sterilization in China

· Eric Schmitt from the New York Times explains how the War or Terror is far from over, despite what the State Department claims

Defense Department Plans New Intelligence Gathering Service

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