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Ambassador John Bolton, Jim Hanson, Sara Carter, Rep. Fred Upton

February 22nd, 2012 ·

The United States is more afraid of an Israeli first strike against Iran, than it is of an Iranian nuclear weapon. Former UN Ambassador John Bolton weighs in on the risks and perils of an Israeli pre-emptive strike on Iran and the backlash that could resonate throughout the Middle East. The current administration believes that it can contain and deter a nuclear Iran therefore they are focusing on preventing an Israeli first strike. If we let Iran arm itself with nuclear weapons are we giving a license to other countries in the Middle East to build nuclear weapons? Ambassador Bolton then moves on the possibility of negotiations with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, who are still holding American hostages. Should the United States negotiate with Sharia adherent organizations?

Jim Hanson gives his read on the apology the U.S. is delivering to the Karzai government and the Afghani people over the incident of burning Qurans, which were being used to send messages between prisoners. Does this apology send a message of weakness to the Taliban and other radicals? What message does this send to the soldiers on the ground? Jim then points out the gravity of the consequences of the sequestration cuts that the current administration is planning to implement on the defense department as well as the general morale of the troops that will have to work under these constraints.

Sara Carter enlightens us on the situation in Iran. The bank sanctions against Iran are failing to deter Iran from becoming a nuclear power and just recently the IAEA is no longer welcomed within Iran for nuclear inspections. How is the administration reacting to this growing threat? Sara also speaks about the threat of a pre-emptive strike from Israel against Iran and how it would change the dynamics of the Middle East. Obama feels he can control a nuclear Iran easier than an Iran that has just been attacked by Israel. According to NATO the Taliban is poised to rule Afghanistan after the U.S. troops leave. Should we have given our exit strategy away to the Taliban?

Representative Fred Upton analyzes the Key Stone Pipeline and the steps that are being taken to keep the pipeline alive. This privately built $7 billion pipeline between Canada and United States would create more than 100,000 jobs indirectly and over 20,000 jobs directly; then why has the President pulled back his support from this project? Congressman Upton then directs his focus on the issue of cyber security and how we are on trying to prevent an EMP attack.

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