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What does the recent launch of a long-range missile by Israel mean for relations in the region? Are these missiles capable of hitting Iran, and if so, should the Iranians be concerned? Fred Grandy joins Frank for another “Week in Review” segment. The announcement by Israel was the first time that a nation had recognized that Iran was the premier threat in the world. Thus, Israel responded in the only language they seem to understand: weaponry. Will Israel be able to take out Iranian nuclear facilities like it did in 1981 with Saddam Hussein? Additionally, will their new missiles stand up to Iran’s nuclear power? Fred and Frank also touch on how the concept of the EU was great in practice and promise, but has failed to live up to its promise of supporting the weaker countries under its control.

What impact will the HR 1687 Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011 have on energy security and independence in the United States? Rep. John Shimkus of Illinois steps up to the microphone to enlighten us on how the United States can transition away from reliance on crude oil and explore other natural resources. Alternative energy sources such as ethanol can be used to set a new standard for transportation fuel. By manufacturing flex-fuel vehicles, the United States could greatly increase its energy independence. Rep. Shimkus argues that mandating the industry to consider all forms of liquid fuels would not reduce competition, but would replace the current mandate that requires gasoline be at every gas pump. Will the United States be able to reduce its dependence on foreign oil like Brazil did with its transportation system, or will we continue to rely on foreign nations for our energy supply?

Why were sensitive documents from the Iranian intelligence ministry removed by the President of Iran? Is it true that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did such a thing just in case other Iranian leaders threatened his power? Former Iranian Revolutionary Guard Member and undercover agent, Reza Kahlili gives us a special insight into the political strife occurring within Iran. According to Kahlili, the United States has had its head in the stand for over two decades. Have we really misunderstood the ideology behind Iran’s nuclear build-up? Moreover, by abandoning the mission in Iraq, has President Obama given way to the “end of times” that Iran has been preaching?

National Security writer for the Washington Times, Bill Gertz concludes today’s show uncovering the dire consequences that will happen if the Obama administration goes along with its $1 trillion cuts to defense. These cuts not only affect national security, but also influence emergency organizations such as FEMA. More worrying is the fact that China has been providing Iran with cruise missiles in violation of US sanctions.

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