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Since the end of the Cold War, US forces in Europe have constantly been shrinking and will probably end up in the range of 20,000 in the near future. Thom Shanker explains what this means to the morale of our troops and our allies in the region. If the US starts to ignore Europe, will the Russians take the opportunity to seize more control?

Obama is continuing to offer Iran a free pass on their nuclear program which casts America as nothing more than a paper tiger. Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann elaborates on the idea of America being a paper tiger and how the Iranians are laughing at us behind closed doors. Are we just giving Iran more time to complete a nuclear weapon? How do the Israelis view this complacency on the part of Obama?

Is the Obama Administration falling for the Muslim Brotherhood’s “charm campaign” or does the president think he can ensure American security by becoming friends with our enemies? According to Debra Burlingame, the Muslim Brotherhood is not an advocate for peace and equality, but seeks to establish a global caliphate under the guidance of Sharia law. Will America wake up to this stealth jihad?

Has England gone completely over the edge in their quest for inclusion of their Muslim population? , in response to President Obama’s $10 million bounty for a high valued terrorist leader in Pakistan, the British Parliaments’ lone Muslim has offered a bounty for the capture of President Obama and former President Bush. Andy McCarthy explains how England has worked so hard to make Muslims a part of British society that they forgot that not all Muslims pledge their allegiance to the Union Jack. Will incidences such as this put a strain on the relationship of the free world’s two greatest allies?

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