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Pakistan is not in line with Obama’s view of a denuclearized world, they are the only nuclear country that opposed a cap on nuclear material and their nuclear arsenal is growing faster than any other country. According to Jeff Smith, best estimates put Pakistan’s arsenal at around 110-120 weapons with the ability to producer several weapons per year. Pakistan uses India as justification for a growing program, but is the Pakistani government using their nuclear program to garner favor with some nefarious groups? How does India see all this and what is their relationship with the US over Iran?

Congressman Peter King recently held hearings on the Iranian threat inside America. Iran has been “casing” potential targets inside the US, such as NYC subway and bus lines and key buildings. There could be Iranian operatives numbering in the hundreds within the US ready to commit terrorist acts if called upon by the Iranian regime and with tensions mounting, how close is Iran to giving that order? Operatives can easily enter this country through drug channels and instead of bringing cocaine with them, they can bring WMDs. DNI Clapper still holds firm that al-Qaeda is America’s #1 threat, but that is because most Americans, member of Congress and the Intelligence Community are unaware of the Iranian threat within this country. Is it smart that Obama is trying to reduce American nukes while Iran works to build one?

Iran has been at war with the United States since the 1979 Iranian Revolution, yet the United States won’t admit to such a claim. Clare Lopez gives details on Iranian kidnapping and murder operations against American civilians and even points to a December 2011 US court ruling, where a judge ruled that Iran had direct involvement with the 9/11 attacks. US leaders speak hypothetically about an Iranian attack against America, well Iran already attacked America on September 11,2001.

President Obama’s recent visit to Seoul was to acquire Chinese support against North Korean hostility. The problem is, China is not helping America but is actually working against American and regional security. Obama is not doing all that he can because he is afraid to offend Beijing. Gordon Chang explains that the Community Party is splintering and the military is vying for more power, but the party leaders are constantly reminding military officials that they are subservient to the party. Will this lead to a Chinese revolution?

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