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Former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs ROGER NORIEGA analyzes the presidential election that took place in Venezuela yesterday, expressing doubts that Chavez’s hand-picked successor, who won by a “razor thin” margin, had legitimately claimed victory.

Dr. HENRY SOKOLSKI, executive director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, critiques the U.S. government’s response to the North Korean threat, and argues that an effective measure against the corrupt regime would be to go after its ability to get hard currency through illegal means, such as by trafficking drugs, people, and exotic animals.

What tools of foreign policy does the U.S. have in the financial category to deal with North Korea?  GORDON CHANG of lays out the strategic landscape in Asia and clarifies where the Chinese really stand in relationship to North Korea.

Can Chinese military power be measured accurately? With strategic deception as a pillar of Chinese military doctrine, beliefs of Western policy makers are subject to great confusion.  RICHARD FISHER of the International Assessment and Strategy Center brings expertise to bare on the matter.

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Richard Perle, former Assistant Secretary of Defense during the Reagan Administration, gives his insights on presidential candidate’s competency in foreign policy.  Richard feels that it is vital that foreign issues are debated before the election so voters can see which candidate truly understands national security and foreign policy issues. America cannot lead from behind therefore America needs a leader who will lead and push American leadership to the forefront of the international stage. The Russian Reset policy is a prime example of the Obama Administrations failure to lead. Vladimir Putin, who worked for the KGB during the Cold War, has yet to accept the fact that America won the Cold War and uses every opportunity to advance Russian interests at America’s expense. America cannot be the punching bag for any nation and that makes it vital to American security that a leader with a strong foreign policy is elected.

Richard Fisher, Senior Fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center explains the asymmetric capabilities of Communist China. China has provided over 1 million parts that either have been used or will be used in American military technology and those parts have been found to be defective by the Senate Armed Services Committee. China sees an opportunity to flood the American market with defective technology which will degrade the US military machine. What is the cost of using defective Chinese hardware in American military technology? Should the DOD be buying military parts from China? How can America buy military hardware from a country that it could potentially be at war with? What do we really know about China’s nuclear arsenal? They have constructed up to 3,000 kilometers of underground tunnels to conceal military weaponry and that should cause concern as to what they are hiding and what it could be used for.

Finally, weekly commentator Andy McCarthy explores the theory of Islam versus Islamism. Doctrinally, Islam is the source of the motivation for Islamist ideology and a classical interpretation of Sharia. Non-Muslims can live within a Muslim society, but must be subservient under the eyes of the classical views of Sharia. There are a lot of Muslims that embrace Western ideas and want nothing to do with the radical Sharia way of line. The threat is Islamism, not Islam. Islamism is the idea of Islamists wanting to create a world where Sharia rules and everyone else must either convert or be expelled. There are many followers of Islam that are allies of the United States and see these Islamists as as much of a threat to freedom, as Westerners do. Andy then goes into an Islamist, who supports terrorism, detained at Guantanamo Bay was transferred to England and is now suing the British government for how he was treated while in custody. The British feared what might happen if this case went to trial so they settled with this terrorist supporter for 1 million pounds ($1.6 million dollars) and is now living the high life in Britain.

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