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Center for Security Policy’s CHRIS HOLTON joins Frank to discuss the controversial issue of hydraulic fracking and it’s upcoming starring role in Matt Damon’s new film. They also discussed the history of fracking and how oil producing countries are opposed to it because it hurts the value of their petrol-dollars. Finally, Chris Holton talked about the bank HSBC and its Sharia finance practices in the Middle East

RICHARD THOMPSON, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, stops by the show today to talk about General Martin Dempsey’s excoriation of Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley’s apparently “offensive” classes on Islam at the Joint Forces Staff College at the National Defense University.  Mr. Thompson is representing Lt. Col. Dooley.

ADAM KREDO of the Washington Free Beacon analyzes the Obama administration’s repeated assertion that Al Qaeda is a “thing of the past.” Kredo argues that Al Qaeda as we know it is certainly weakened, but its ideology remains as strong as ever and is currently popping up in different groups under new names. Kredo also talks about the furor that has arisen over the U.S. government’s choice to be represented at a human rights forum in Poland by MPAC executive director Salam Al Marayati, a man who considers Israel to be a suspect for 9/11.

FRED FLEITZ, executive editor of LIGNET, talks about Wednesday’s Congressional hearing on the September 11th attack in Libya. Testimony that embassy staff was aware of the deteriorating situation and repeatedly asked for additional resources, as well as comments from a State Department press conference on Tuesday, served to completely discredit the Obama administration’s original claim that the attack was due to radicals hijacking a protest.

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