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With Bishop Julian Dobbs, Ilan Berman, Rick “Ozzie” Nelson, and Claudia Rosett

·         BISHOP JULIAN DOBBS discusses Nigeria’s terrorist group Boko Haram’s attacks on religious freedom by enforcing Shariah Law, in particular the group’s attacks on northern Nigeria’s Christian population.

Islamist Terror Group Giving Christians Living in Nigeria Days to Flee

·         ILAN BERMAN of the American Foreign Policy Council talks about the newly powerful influence of Shariah in Egypt under newly-elected president Morsi.

Named Egypt’s Winner, Islamist Makes History

·         Director of the Homeland Security Department at CSIS RICK “OZZIE” NELSON explains the need for further intelligence sharing among federal, state, and local agencies while also increasing operational security in the wake of government leaks.

Intelligence and Information Sharing to Protect the Homeland

·        Freelance journalist CLAUDIA ROSETT explains the weakness within the UN as well as the State Department Diplomatic Corps.

Saving Syria from Kofi Annan



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