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Robert Joseph, Roger Robinson, Paul Kengor, Eric Blehm

May 24th, 2012 ·

· ROBERT JOSEPH of the National Institute for Public Policy educates us on the Obama administration’s failures as a Commander-in-Chief and in the foreign policy arena.

Resigning to Iran

· President of RWR Advisory Group, ROGER ROBINSON explains how Obama is allowing three Chinese banks to operate within the US banking system and thereby putting American economic and national security at risk. What is Obama ignoring the warning signs that face our nation?

G8 expresses concerns over North Korea, Iran

· PAUL KENGOR of Grove City College analyzes Obama’s failures in leading our nation and how he either ignores or doesn’t understand the threats that face this nation and what it takes to secure our freedoms.

The Flags at the Cemetery

· Author ERIC BLEHM takes us behind the scenes of his new book, “Fearless” and what it means to be a hero and a patriot.


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Peter Schweizer, Roger Robinson, Jim Hanson

November 3rd, 2010 ·

On today's show, Peter Schweizer joins Frank to talk about what the new Congress will do to the defense budget and how that will impact the national security portfolio. Next, Roger Robinson, former Chairman of the U.S. - China Economic and Security Commission, discusses the rise of China and the strategic implications for us and our allies. Further, he considers our dependency on China and what it means from a national security standpoint. Finally, Jim Hanson joins us to talk about the veterans that have just been elected to Congress.

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