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Michelle Van Cleave, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, Aaron Klein, Rowan Scarborough

August 9th, 2012 ·

MICHELLE VAN CLEAVE discusses Obama’s intelligence leaks and how he is putting lives in danger to try and sure-up votes.

REP. ROSCOE BARTLETT of Maryland talks about the threat of an EMP attack on America and how we are not prepared to defend against such an attack, resulting in the loss of millions of lives.

Author AARON KLEIN explains Obama’s progressive agenda if he gets re-elected and how that agenda will essentially ruin the America that we and the world know.

Journalist ROWAN SCARBOROUGH analyzes the Army’s refusal to provide adequate technology to its soldiers to combat the IED threat.

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Fred Grandy, George Neumayr, Dr. Peter Pham, Rowan Scarborough

August 3rd, 2012 ·

FRED GRANDY of the Center for Security Policy gives his weekly wrap-up, highlighting the intelligence leaks and the possible infiltration of Muslim Brotherhood operatives into the US government.

Author GEORGE NEUMAYR explains Obama's war on the Christian faith and religious freedom more generally.

African analyst DR. PETER PHAM discusses the conflict in Southern Sudan and how the UN is ignoring the problem while other nations are adding to it.

Journalist ROWAN SCARBOROUGH analyzes how the defense cuts will prohibit American troops from receiving life-saving equipment.

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Diana West, Richard Mourdock, Rowan Scarbourgh

April 5th, 2012 ·

The Muslim Brotherhood wants to transform Egypt into a Sharia country. Diana West joins Frank for a two-segment special examines the special situation in Egypt and its strategic implications. The Muslim Brotherhood calls the jihad a ‘civilization jihad’. West analyzes this term and what it means not only for Egypt but also the U.S. but Egypt’s neighbors. The Muslim Brotherhood has said in its strategic plan that its goal in the United States is to destroy western civilization. Is that a direct threat to our democracy our way of life, our government and freedom? West points out that our military has incorporated more sharia rules than any other leading institution in the U.S. The United States military has taken a posture “not to offend” to such an extent that it is endangering our troops. What kind of impact do these acts of submission have on our troops and their ability to carry out their jobs effectively?

Richard Muordock currently a treasurer for the state of Indiana, a candidate for United States Senate joins Frank to update on his current senate race and Senator Lugar’s strong support on the Law of the Sea Treaty and how it might affect the race for the senate seat. Muordock explains why the Law of Sea Treaty would have disastrous affect on the United States.  Muordock examines the effects of recent budget cuts on Indiana and how it would affect hundreds of jobs.

What has America learned from the hollowing out of the military back in the ‘90s? According to Rowan Scarborough, we have learned nothing about the repercussions of a hollow military. What does America’s future security apparatus look like when the ships, planes and tanks stop being built.

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Rowan Scarborough, Lenny Ben-David, Gordon Chang

February 13th, 2012 ·

With the defense cuts be put into place, it will make it more difficult for the military to keep up with its responsibilities to our allies and our nation. The US military will resemble its 1995 standards that many experts claimed, at the time, could not get the job done. The Navy is putting on a brave face to try and do more with less, unfortunately it will be much less than what is needed to combat present and future threats. What will the affect be if women start to serve in frontline roles? It is difficult for men to meet the standards to be in the infantry, what will that mean for women? If we lower the standards to enter into situations that could potentially lead to hand-to-hand combat, how prepared will they be? Rowan Scarborough gives his take on these issues.

Former Israeli senior diplomat, Lenny Ben-David, gives his take on the threats facing his nation and America. Is Iran attempting to assassinate Israeli diplomats around the world? Historically Iran has target Israeli government personnel, but will Iran turn to Hezbollah for attacks within Israel? At this moment Israel is not looking to attack Iranian nuclear facilities, but it is an option that remains on the table for down the road. Syria is disintegrating into its ethnic components and the world is realizing that what comes after Assad cannot be worse. People from Syria are moving in droves into Israel seeking safety and Israel is welcoming these refugees under these emergency conditions. With the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, what will be the future of the peace agreement with Israel?

What will the topic of conversation be when China’s vice-president comes to town? He is communist royalty, but his rise is showing signs of difficulty among communist infighting. Iran and cyberwarfare will certainly be on the agenda as topics to discuss, but does he really have the clout to make significant changes to the regime? Politicians are using the military to help regain or increase their power thus giving the military important political influence. Senator John McCain claimed the Arab Spring is coming to China and this caused a fury of responses from the Chinese government. They understand they have a serious problem with internal insurrection and have used state TV to make claims of stability and strength within the country. Will China see its own Arab Spring? Gordon Chang gives his take on this idea.

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Paul Kengor, Congressman Thad McCotter, Rowan Scarborough

February 4th, 2011 ·

Today on this special Ronald Reagan tribute edition of Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney, Frank and Paul Kengor discuss the Reagan contribution to fighting evil. Then, Congressman Thad McCotter discusses Reagan and Communism and what lessons can be applied to the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran. Finally, Rowan Scarborough discusses what President Reagan did to revitalize the US military and what the problems in Egypt might mean for American intelligence operations.

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Ray Locker, Rowan Scarborough

January 28th, 2011 ·

Today on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney, Frank and Ray Locker discuss the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise in the Middle East and its influence operations here in America. Finally, Rowan Scarborough discusses efforts to sabotage the defense budget in a time when defense is so paramount.

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