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ANDY MCCARTHY, of National Review Online, looks at the implications of the recent turmoil in Egypt as well as the Islamic agenda of the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.

JIM HANSON, of, scrutinizes the lack of media coverage for the Nidal Hasan trial.

DIANA WEST, confronts the controversy and criticisms surrounding the content of her new book, American Betryal: The Secret Assualt on Our Nation's Character.

RYAN MAURO, of Clarion, investigates Huma Abedin's past and her connection to Islamists groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Muslim Minority Affairs.

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JOHN BOLTON, former Ambassador and Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, talks about the appointment of Samantha Power to UN Ambassador and the problems this will have on America and its' foreign policy.  He also touches on other issues of importance to national security; including NSA data collection and President Obama’s upcoming trip to Germany to discuss  further “De-Nuclearization” of the US.

FRED FLEITZ of gives his analysis on the NSA leaks, and argues that much of the backlash comes from an American public that is already on edge with the Obama administration thanks to the many other recent scandals.

ELAINE DONNELLY, founder and president of the Center for Military Readiness, talks about sexual assaults in the military. She specifically examines the rising prevalence of sexual assaults that occur between men.

RYAN MAURO, of Clarion, looks at the results of a recent Pew poll conducted in Egypt that show there is still growing support for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in the country, despite the setbacks the group has had in the recent past.

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With Amb. John Bolton, Harold Rhode, Ryan Mauro, Bill Gertz

During the U.S. President's tour of the Middle East, many have been surprised at how his rhetorical performance has hit the right notes.  The surprise is due to prior absence of policy and strategy to back up strong words for Iran and kind words for Israel.  Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. JOHN BOLTON of the American Enterprise Institute discusses the consequential realities that remain for heads of state after the televised events.

Gatestone Institute Senior Fellow and former Department of Defense Middle East expert, HAROLD RHODE, walks through the complexities in Israel as well as those playing out in Syria and the broader Middle East in relationship to Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and to U.S. policy.

Global threat expert RYAN MAURO of the Clarion Project uncovers another failure of vetting by the State Department this time in respect to the newly appointed Prime Minister of the Syrian opposition.  He also reports on the activities of Hezbollah in Syria and their long term strategic objectives, EU hesitation to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, and the formation of religious enforcement militias in Egypt.

Washington Free Beacon Editor, BILL GERTZ, reports on the administration's down playing of Russian strategic nuclear bombers increasing flights near the U.S. and its allies unchallenged.  The administration has simultaneously completely canceled the SM3 Interceptor missile defense capability in Europe which is also a concession to Russian wishes.  This took place last week as the headlines reported a seeming reversal in the administrations actions to diminish American missile defense while claiming strategic enhancement.  The strategic enhancement was perhaps meant to be interpreted as better relations with Russia.  Such an interpretation would be shown nullified by these aggressive nuclear bomber flights unprecedented since the end of the Cold War.

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With Fred Grandy, Ryan Mauro, Bill Gertz, and Rep. Mike Turner

FRED GRANDY of the Center for Security Policy gives his weekly wrap-up which includes the upcoming presidential debate that will highlight foreign policy and national security issues. He also gives his take on the Benghazi attack and how the Obama Administration has handled this horrific incident.

Founder of RYAN MAURO gives his analysis of a conference in Illinois that centers aroundthe idea of destroying Israel and replacing it with a Palestinian state.

Journalist BILL GERTZ takes us Inside the Ring which looks at the Benghazi attack and the Chinese Anti-satellite Missile Test (ASAT) and what that means for regional security.

CONGRESSMAN MIKE TURNER gives his take on the upcoming presidential debate and how the last four years has deminished American influence abroad and theratend US security.

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With Dr. Tawfik Hamid, Ryan Mauro, Victor Sharpe, and VADM Peter Daly

·         DR. TAWFIK HAMID from the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies discusses the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and how it could alter the dynamic of the Middle East.

How Egypt's generals cut the revolution down to size

·         RYAN MAURO of explains how the LAPD, along with our military, is working with the Muslim Brotherhood in order to appease the people who want to enslave us.

The Islamists' Allies in Law Enforcement

·         Journalist VICTOR SHARPE discusses the continued assault on Israel from their Arab neighbours and how there will never be any real peace in the Middle East.

The Six-Day War: Israel's Miraculous Victory

·         VICE ADMIRAL PETER DALY (USN Ret.) of the US Naval Institute explains how the defense cuts will put America’s navy in a disastrous position, trying to defend our country on two fronts while only having enough resources for one.

Navy Strains To Handle Both China And Iran At Once



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· RYAN MAURO of explains Holy Islamville in South Carolina and the lack of a reaction from local communities. He also speaks about how Great Britain is falling under Sharia and Best Buy’s financial contributions to CAIR.

We briefed 10 SC legislators and about dozens of political activists on “Holy Islamville” and Radical Islam on 4/24

· REP. ALLEN WEST of Florida educates us on the “real” war on terror as well as the connection between the hot and cold war’s America is engaged in. There is new evidence that Obama knew about bin Laden’s location 10 months prior to the SEAL raid, why did he wait?

West introduces Limited End Strength Reduction Act

· SUSAN YOSHIHARA from the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute enlightens us to the demographic decline that certain nations will be facing in the next 20-30 years, and how that shift will cause more instability in the world.

Defense cuts are poised to squander America's demographic advantage

· GORDON CHANG of tells us about the future of China in the face of population and work force decline as well as what military technology the Obama Administration is giving away to the Chinese.

Washington’s Soft Line on Chinese Weapons Sales

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What is the meaning of Putin’s  Russia United party’s unapologetic and blatant rigging of parliamentary elections?  Who are the groups responding to the perhaps over ambitious power play?  David Satter of the Hudson institute weighs in.

Ryan Mauro of reports on the state of play in Syria and Iraq.  Then Reza Khalili explains Iran’s relationship with Al Qaeda.  Finally Gordon Chang stakes out the parameters needed for North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un,  to consolidate power.  If he doesn’t, would a desintegrating North Korea invite Chinese military intervention.

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The FBI recently disclosed the details of a foiled terrorist plot involving an American man, Rezwan Ferdaus, who planned on flying remote controlled planes filled with explosives into the Pentagon. He developed his hatred for America from websites promoting Islamist extremism. His plot was uncovered by a pair of undercover FBI agents who worked alongside Ferdaus as he established plans. Frank kicks off the show discussing the vital role that training FBI and intelligence officers to fight the ideology of extremism has in preventing terrorist attacks. Many others in the media, including a select few at National Public Radio, promote the idea that educating our agents in these tactics is both politically incorrect and morally wrong. Moreover, they even go as far as deny the existence of Sharia law. These views have only been nurtured by Muslim Brotherhood front groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations who want to make sure that there is no opposition to their activities.

Next, Frank has the rare privilege of sharing his microphone with Lt. Gen. Jack Klimp, retired Marine and President of the National Association for Uniformed Services (NAUS). The mission of NAUS and its support of the troops are different from the various other organizations out there in that it is an institution that offers its services to all seven branches of the military. Additionally, the organization serves all ranks in all situations including retired soldiers, active duty combat personnel, and even those who will serve in uniform in the future. In a show of solidarity, NAUS submitted a strongly worded letter to the Super Committee warning them about the detrimental consequences that defense budget cuts would have. Besides boasting the incredible achievements of NAUS, Lt. Gen. Klimp also shares with Secure Freedom Radio his insights about the hollowing out of the military from his early days in Vietnam until his retirement. In his view, it took over three decades to rebuild the military into the “national treasure” that it is today after the effects of the Vietnam War. He shares his story of how after the war he served as a commanding reconnaissance officer in Okinawa. During this time, he had more deserters in his platoon than those on active duty.

Founder of and National Security Advisor for the Christian Action Network, Ryan Mauro pops in again to shed some light on the situation on the ground unfolding in Syria. As there is more and more bloodshed in Syria and the Turks continue to play games in the region, Syria is either headed down the path of civil war or will have its uprising crushed in a massive bloodshed. The main problem of US policy in the region is that our leadership fails to distinguish between our friends and enemies within the rebel factions. President Obama even stated that he believed only twenty percent of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was made up of Islamic extremists. As violence continues to spiral out of control in the region, more and more Muslims have reasons to support the extremists as they see these groups winning the war.

Today’s Secure Freedom Radio concludes as Frank sits down to discuss Islamist ideology with Tawfik Hamid, a former extremist who worked in Egypt for an organization under al Qaeda. He describes how the stealthy form of jihad penetrates deeply into different who share the same idea to cast the world under a shroud of Islam. These groups use sophisticated methods to change people’s minds no matter their social class or background education. Their tactics have thrown the US and the world into civil friction and have infiltrated our flow of ideas.

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Known Muslim Brotherhood front groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Muslim American Society have portrayed themselves as the true “gate-keepers” to the American Muslim community in the United States. Their perversion of the American political system misguide gullible government officials who believe that pleasing these organizations will satisfy the overall American Muslim population. However, according to a recent poll, only one-fourth of the American Muslim population feels like one of these groups represent them ideologically. Founder and Chief Editor of, Ryan Mauro joins Secure Freedom Radio to challenge the general wisdom that Americans hold that only foreign-born Muslims can become indoctrinated with extremist ideals. He suggests that it is the American-born Muslims who want the separation between church and state minimized and not necessarily foreign-born Muslims. Additionally, he examines how Syrian opposition activists feel that the US is outsourcing power to Turkey.

Chris Isham, Director of Plans and Policy J5 at the Joint Interagency Task Force West of US Central Command explores the mission of JIATF-West in combating drug trafficking schemes in the Asia-Pacific theater. JIATF-West coordinates with Southern Command and government law enforcement to disrupt transnational shipments of narcotics. By reducing drug crime in the region, the Task Force has successfully disrupted 96 metric tons of meth and the flow of other pre-cursor chemical flows in the Asia-Pacific region. Furthermore, the Task Force’s main objective is to stop the transnational crime organizations, not just the drugs being transported.

Today on Frank Gaffney's Secure Freedom Radio, Frank has a special visit from Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut to give us an inside look into his new book, The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath. In his book, he describes a typical Sabbath day in the Lieberman household where they observe common Jewish traditions. Senator Lieberman wrote the book particularly for Christians who hope that in their busy lives, they can find a reason to put aside everything and spend time with their family. “There is growth in rest,” says Lieberman. At the end of each chapter, there is a small section entitled “Simple Beginnings,” where he outlines ways in which people who want to begin observing the Sabbath can do so; step by step. Lastly, Sen. Lieberman gives us his take on the end of the Qaddafi regime and how the “boots on the ground” opposition will help bring about his fall.

Regular guest here on Secure Freedom Radio and Contributing Editor for National Review Online, Andy McCarthy touches on his suspicion that the Libyan rebels are not necessarily friends of the United States, as well as how Libya sent more jihadists to Iraq than any other country. He also hopes that when the rebels draft a Constitution, Shariah will not be established as the law of Libya.

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Will a downgrade in our credit rating lead to a downgrade in our nation’s security?  Standard and Poor’s announcement on Friday comes on the heels of a significant cuts to the military budget and significant growth of threats around the world.  But first, Jon Perdue, of the Fund for American Studies, joins Frank to discuss Hugo Chavez’s use of Cuba’s universal health care and the latest developments with an alleged deal between U.S. Federal Agents and the Sinaloa drug cartel.  Perdue reports on Chavez’s visits for cancer treatment from a Spanish Doctor in Cuba, and points to his younger brother, Adán Chávez, as a possible successor in the event of his death.  He also informs on the newly surfaced tape of Attorney General Eric Holder speaking in 2009 about Operation Gunrunner, proof against his current stance of ignorance on Fast and Furious.  Perdue, the Director of Latin America Programs, also explains how lawsuits of President Rafael Correa have “frozen free speech in Ecuador,” as more and more nations in the region begin to take pages out of the Chavez playbook.

Next, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies Mark Krikorian discusses the latest activities along our Southern border.  Unlike the metaphorical U.S. “War on Drugs,” Mexico is literally engaged in a military struggle with drug cartels, threatening to leave a power vacuum for terrorist groups like Hezbollah to fill so near to home.  Krikorian explains how the notion of a more secure border than ever is becoming a punch line with a fence that “your Grandmother could hop over.”  Krikorian also calls attention to the significant Lebanese and Iraqi immigrant communities in Mexico, as well as the legal battle between the Justice Department and Alabama, which will likely need to be settled by the Supreme Court.

Ryan Mauro, Founder of, joins Secure Freedom Radio to examine the possible repercussions of the devastating helicopter crash in Afghanistan carrying 30 American soldiers, 22 of whom were members of Seal Team Six.  Mauro explains how the insurgent strike may serve as retaliation in the minds of the Taliban for the killing of Osama Bin Laden, and hence boost their morale.  Mauro, author of Death to America: The Unreported Battle of Iraq, also explains why the fall of the Assad regime in Syria would be good for the West, the increasingly likelihood of Turkish intervention there, and finally the perilous situation in Yemen, where all forces vying for control are antithetical to the U.S.

Gordon Chang, our resident Asia expert, concludes today’s show by discussing S&P’s downgrade of America’s credit rating and how it has proven China to be an enemy of the United States.  After years of seeking to supplant the U.S. Dollar, immediately following the downgrade China’s official news agency Xinhua suggested the international community should monitor U.S. monetary printing.  The State-owned People’s Daily also called for treasury holdings to be used as a “financial weapon” against the U.S.  Chang explains how our trade-deficit with China is financing their military build-up, and how President Obama refuses to mention the hostile and belligerent China regime, and Washington’s refusal to confront the ugly truth that the Chinese want to do us harm.

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