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Debate Post Mortem:

It seems safe to say that among those who care and watch U.S. national security, last night’s presidential debate shed no light upon the current role of the U.S. in the world.  Even in a full hour of Secure Freedom Radio’s in depth post mortem on the debate, the sea of missed opportunities leaves much more to fathom.  We do begin, however, with Professor Henry Nau of the Hoover Institution and George Washington University’s Elliot School of International Affairs.  Among this first round enumerating opportunities missed Henry points out that it is Russia and China who sustain the bad actors in Iran and Syria who did receive time at issue.

Next, Diana West, author of Death of the Grown-up, expresses her disappointment in Romney’s docile approach to the debate and his failure to go on the offensive against  of Obama’s foreign policy record.  West also talks about the strained condition of our military after more than ten years of fighting a war with no clearly articulated strategy.

Ted Bromund of the Heritage Foundation lays out the consequences of the Arms Trade Treaty respective to who may win the Presidential election despite the gaping lack of U.S. sovereignty and the role of the U.N. as topics in last night’s debate.

Andy McCarthy of National review online continues to enumerate the parade of lost opportunities to give due importance to national security issues and particularly the failure to challenge the president on Benghazi and on the arming of Al Qaeda in Syria.

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