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Seeking the reduction of the prison sentence of American Muslim Activist Abdurahman Alamoudi, embracing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and legitimizing the Libyan rebels, whom are rife with Jihadist elements, the Obama Administration is deepening its ties with the Islamic World.  Diana West, of the Washington Examiner, joins Frank to explain why she’s been “up a tree lately,” as Dhimmitude, the practice of non-Muslims adhering to the laws of Islam, is seeping into our military leading to the deaths of allied troops.  West explains how the Administration’s strengthening ties with the Middle East comes at a cost of placating the Islamic World view.  Diana also touches upon the News of the World scandal and what ramifications it may entail.  Next, Sen. James Risch of Idaho, expresses his concerns with America’s support for Israel, and what he believes is the unfortunate “weakening of what has been a very strong, clear position of the United States for so long…and the President has taken us away from that.”  The former Idaho Governor also considers the upcoming United Nations General Assembly vote on a Palestinian State and how the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt risks the three-decade long peace with Israel.  Finally, Jim Hanson, of and Big Peace, discusses the proposed cuts to the Defense budget during the debt ceiling debate, in which he suggests, “the ‘Gang of Six’ thinks they can find a trillion dollars, but none of these people can find five bucks” to cut from entitlements or any where else.  Hanson also enlightens us on his day job in cyber security, and the lack of defensive solutions in that department.

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