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· DIANA WEST gives her take on the “show trials” that some of our military personnel have to endure in order to appease our enemies; is this a consequence of winning the hearts and minds?

WND » Obama should pardon the Leavenworth 10 » Print

· Special Agent JEFFREY SCOTT of the DEA analyzes the increase in narco-subs and what affect they have on our national security.

Drug War at Sea: Rise of the Narco Subs

· Representative LOUIE GOHMERT (TX-01) discusses how the FBI is creating counterterrorism-training manuals with the help of organizations that are connected terrorism. Why is the Holder Justice Department withholding documents that can prove these organizations are connected to terrorism?

Rep. Gohmert’s Amendment to the NDAA Adopted

· ANDY McCARTHY tells us the truth about the Arab Spring , which was revealed in Turkey

From Democracy to Sharia

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Clare Lopez spends time with Frank to explain what is happening inside the Islamic Republic of Iran, a thorn in America’s side. Nuclear scientists turning up dead, the destruction of a missile facility and the most recent accident at an alleged weapons research facility; is Iran having a string of bad luck or is there more to these accidents? There seems to be a campaign to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons program, but is the campaign coming from inside Iran or are there outside forces at work? The shockwave from the explosion at the ballistic missile facility was felt over 30kms away. This facility developed the delivery system needed for Iran’s ballistic missiles that would carry weapons of mass destruction; nuclear, biological or chemical. The buildings within this facility were completely flattened and the Iranian regime has quickly closed ranks around the incident, but there is something brewing within the regime. The regime knows it’s in trouble, the world knows that the people do not support this regime anymore and they must be fearful of being the target from factions inside and outside the country. The friction between the supreme leader and the president has grown showing dissent from within the regime itself. Putting the IRGC on alert shows the insecurity that the regime has against its own people and other nations. Could this insecurity lead to a preemptive strike against American interests? What would a nuclear weapon mean to a regime that is insecure of its own survival?

DEA Agent Jeffrey Scott joins Frank to explain the discovery of one of the most elaborate underground tunnels from Tijuana to San Diego. The San Diego Tunnel Task Force was created to combat this growing tactic used by the drug cartels. In the last four years, DEA has discovered around 75 underground tunnels from Mexico into the United States. There are “rudimentary tunnels that are nothing more than gopher holes,” interconnected tunnels that use existing construction such as sewer tunnels and then there are the sophisticated tunnels which are large scale and employ elevators, running water, electricity and other means to support large amounts of narcotics and traffickers. These sophisticated tunnels do pose a problem to investigators do to their complexity and the almost unlimited resources available to the cartels. When agents do discover these tunnels, the seizure is significant and hits the cartels hard. This particular tunnel which was 612 yards long with lights, steel doors and electric cars to carry drugs yielded 32 tons of marijuana with a street value of $50-$60 million which will be difficult for the cartels to replace. With cartels becoming more ingenious, what will this mean for American security?

Jim Hanson provides a boots-on the-ground analysis of the situation in Afghanistan. The president has failed to not only provide the troops with the proper resources to ensure total victory, but he failed to create a clear objective for the military to achieve. The Taliban have achieved their objective by waiting the Americans out just like the mujahedeen did against the Soviets. For Secretary of State Clinton to announce that America will play a role in Afghanistan even after the 2014 pull out is just ridiculous because everyone knows that once the Americans leave the Taliban will come back to power and regain all the territory they lost. The Afghan security forces do not have the capabilities to maintain the level of security that America has provided and without completely removing all Taliban opposition, there is no way to ensure future Afghan security. Will American forces return to Afghanistan if the Taliban comes back to power? Why does the president have no interest in securing Afghanistan? And what does the recent developments in the U.S./Pakistan relationship mean for Afghan operations? Jim also explains Leon Panetta’s about-face on the defense cuts and what that means to the troops themselves. How can our troops effectively protect our nation without the proper resources which cost money?

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