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Rep. Mike Turner, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee’s Strategic Forces Subcommittee, explains the importance of America’s nuclear deterrence and how it needs to be upgraded. America’s nuclear capabilities have provided deterrence from not only nuclear threats, but conventional threats as well. With an aging nuclear arsenal the question of reliability comes into play and since America is no longer testing this deterrent, how can we be certain they will work if the need arose? Do America’s allies really believe the U.S. strategic arsenal could provide protection? The Obama Administration wants to rid the world of nuclear weapons, yet the only country that can decrease its weapons is America. Rep. Turner speaks on the importance of America’s strategic arsenal to be upgraded and well funded in order to provide an appropriate defense of the nation. The threats to America have only increased and we must be able to meet those threats.

ICE Special Agent in Charge for Arizona Matt Allen speaks about Operation Pipeline Express.  This was a multiagency investigation of an 80 mile stretch of the Arizona/Mexico border to combat the narcotics smuggling within that tough, rugged area. The Sinaloa Cartel was the focus of the investigation which moves approximately 1 million lbs. of marijuana into the U.S. per year.  The outcome of the operation yielded 76 arrests and interrupted the flow of some $33 million dollars worth of narcotics. The cartels watch how law enforcement handles the situation and then adapts to overcome federal and local efforts, in turn agencies such as ICE must watch what the cartels are doing and adapt to overcome those efforts in order to secure our borders.

CBN reporter Erick Stacklebeck enlightens listeners on Mohammed Elibiary who markets himself as a moderate Muslim. The Obama Administration took notice and swore him in as a Homeland Security Advisor and helped shaped the Obama Administration’s counterterrorism strategy. Elibiary has a record of supporting Muslim Brotherhood ideology and used his Secret Clearance to access sensitive government information and then leaked it to the media. His goal, reportedly, was to spread false reports of Islamophobia and slander GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry. Elibiary is the only person on this 26 man advisory committee with access to this type of sensitive information, yet has not lost his job as a result of this serious breach of national security. Why has the Obama Administration failed to properly handle this situation with horrific national security implications? And why has the media not reported on a story of this magnitude? Why has the Obama Administration decided to halt training on the threat posed by radical Islam?

Mark Durie, author of “The Third Choice,” speaks on how Sharia provisions are being infused with Western laws. A native of Australia, Mark gives insights on how his countrymen are becoming more aware of how Islamists are working towards implementing Sharia into the Australian legal system. Fortunately, the Australian government has recognized this threat and worked towards keeping Australia Sharia free and therefore upholding the rights of everyone. “There is one law for everyone,” is what the Australian government proclaims when asked to implement Sharia into society. The end goal for these Islamists to have Shaira, in its entity, infused in Western society and allowing any parts of Sharia into a free society is a slippery slope and it is hard to draw the line on where to stop. It is better to not even start with allowing this archaic, submissive legal system into western society. Western nations around the around the world are experiencing this pressure to implement Sharia provisions, will they follow Australia’s lead or will they succumb to pressure from these Islamists?  

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