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Representative Trent Franks of Arizona joins Frank to offer his opinion as to Newt Gingrich’s claim that America is susceptible to an Electro Magnetic Pulse attack. As a result of America’s growing reliance on technology, the risk of an EMP attack has grown considerably. We must secure our electric grids and according to many federal agencies, an EMP attack is one of the most serious attacks facing America and the only attack that could truly devastate American infrastructure and security. The New York Times dismissing this threat is unfounded and irresponsible. What affect could this article have on Congresses opinion to handle this threat? America must take this threat seriously and therefore protect our grid so our infrastructure as well as defensive systems can continue to operate. Representative Franks also weighs in on Secretary Clinton’s meeting with the OIC as well as Obama’s policy to work with the Islamic community before allowing agents to be trained on the Islamic threat. We are not being realistic and if America does not change the president next year, who knows where this country will head. Even a condemned murderer is afforded his religious freedom because it is such a basic right, therefore how can Senator Dick Durbin work to remove the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

Erick Stakelbeck of “Stakelbeck on Terror” gives a lesson on Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the most influential Muslim cleric in the world. He is the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and the host of ‘Sharia and Life” on al-Jazeera.  This show airs throughout the Middle East and Europe which allows his influence to grow. This man was banished from Egypt under the Mubarak regime, but has since returned and delivers Friday prayers to over 1 million Muslims. During this sermon he led a chant of “On to Jerusalem, martyrs in the millions.” How can the Obama Administration or anyone else for that matter, claim this man is a moderate and works for peace?  Erick also details the meeting between Secretary Clinton and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).  What might come out of this 3 day conference? Could America truly lose its freedom of speech?  The OIC wants the U.S. to sign onto Sharia blasphemy laws which would not only prohibit any American from speaking out or criticizing the Quran and Islam, but make it illegal requiring jail time. What is happening to American freedom of speech and

Steven Malloy, author of, explains how the civilized world is being fooled into paying huge sums of money to combat “man-made” climate change. Many nations are pulling out of the Kyoto Protocol and instead are trying to come up with a new legal agreement to reduce global pollution.  In 2009, President Obama agreed to provide $100 billion from all developed countries, with the U.S. already providing $3.5 billion to combat man-made climate change. We are told we must cut our deficit by slashing the Defense Budget, yet we can spend $3.5 billion to combat something that has yet to be proven. Without hard, concrete, irrefutable evidence how can America spend billions of dollars to combat something that may not be real? After Climategate, how can we trust anything scientists claim about climate control? Without a new president, America will keep throwing money away aat a project that has yet to be confirmed as a threat.

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