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With Rowan Scarborogh, Kori Schake, Steven O'Hern, and Gordon Chang

Journalist ROWAN SCARBOROUGH discusses Benghazigate and how the Obama Administration is trying to cover-up their previous interpretation of what happened at the US consulate. He also explains how the Petraeus testimony could show how the Obama Administration intentionally misled the Amercan people.

KORI SCHAKE of the Hoover Institute looks at modern military standards and if current politics and policies are deminishing those morals and standards. In light of the recent Patraeus and Allen scandals, can our military regain its high standard of conduct which ultimately adds to American security?

Author STEVEN O'HERN talks about his new book “Iran's Revolutionary Guard: The Threat That Grows While America Sleeps” and how that threat is now on Israel's doorstep. The Obama Administration needs to open its eyes to the obvious threat Iran poses to global security, as well as be prepared to defend its Israeli ally.

Asian analyst GORDON CHANG looks at China's new regime and what impact that will have on the countries economic and security capabilities. He also explains the significance of Obama's trip to Burma and pledge of support.

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