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· RYAN MAURO of explains Holy Islamville in South Carolina and the lack of a reaction from local communities. He also speaks about how Great Britain is falling under Sharia and Best Buy’s financial contributions to CAIR.

We briefed 10 SC legislators and about dozens of political activists on “Holy Islamville” and Radical Islam on 4/24

· REP. ALLEN WEST of Florida educates us on the “real” war on terror as well as the connection between the hot and cold war’s America is engaged in. There is new evidence that Obama knew about bin Laden’s location 10 months prior to the SEAL raid, why did he wait?

West introduces Limited End Strength Reduction Act

· SUSAN YOSHIHARA from the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute enlightens us to the demographic decline that certain nations will be facing in the next 20-30 years, and how that shift will cause more instability in the world.

Defense cuts are poised to squander America's demographic advantage

· GORDON CHANG of tells us about the future of China in the face of population and work force decline as well as what military technology the Obama Administration is giving away to the Chinese.

Washington’s Soft Line on Chinese Weapons Sales

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