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The FBI recently disclosed the details of a foiled terrorist plot involving an American man, Rezwan Ferdaus, who planned on flying remote controlled planes filled with explosives into the Pentagon. He developed his hatred for America from websites promoting Islamist extremism. His plot was uncovered by a pair of undercover FBI agents who worked alongside Ferdaus as he established plans. Frank kicks off the show discussing the vital role that training FBI and intelligence officers to fight the ideology of extremism has in preventing terrorist attacks. Many others in the media, including a select few at National Public Radio, promote the idea that educating our agents in these tactics is both politically incorrect and morally wrong. Moreover, they even go as far as deny the existence of Sharia law. These views have only been nurtured by Muslim Brotherhood front groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations who want to make sure that there is no opposition to their activities.

Next, Frank has the rare privilege of sharing his microphone with Lt. Gen. Jack Klimp, retired Marine and President of the National Association for Uniformed Services (NAUS). The mission of NAUS and its support of the troops are different from the various other organizations out there in that it is an institution that offers its services to all seven branches of the military. Additionally, the organization serves all ranks in all situations including retired soldiers, active duty combat personnel, and even those who will serve in uniform in the future. In a show of solidarity, NAUS submitted a strongly worded letter to the Super Committee warning them about the detrimental consequences that defense budget cuts would have. Besides boasting the incredible achievements of NAUS, Lt. Gen. Klimp also shares with Secure Freedom Radio his insights about the hollowing out of the military from his early days in Vietnam until his retirement. In his view, it took over three decades to rebuild the military into the “national treasure” that it is today after the effects of the Vietnam War. He shares his story of how after the war he served as a commanding reconnaissance officer in Okinawa. During this time, he had more deserters in his platoon than those on active duty.

Founder of and National Security Advisor for the Christian Action Network, Ryan Mauro pops in again to shed some light on the situation on the ground unfolding in Syria. As there is more and more bloodshed in Syria and the Turks continue to play games in the region, Syria is either headed down the path of civil war or will have its uprising crushed in a massive bloodshed. The main problem of US policy in the region is that our leadership fails to distinguish between our friends and enemies within the rebel factions. President Obama even stated that he believed only twenty percent of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was made up of Islamic extremists. As violence continues to spiral out of control in the region, more and more Muslims have reasons to support the extremists as they see these groups winning the war.

Today’s Secure Freedom Radio concludes as Frank sits down to discuss Islamist ideology with Tawfik Hamid, a former extremist who worked in Egypt for an organization under al Qaeda. He describes how the stealthy form of jihad penetrates deeply into different who share the same idea to cast the world under a shroud of Islam. These groups use sophisticated methods to change people’s minds no matter their social class or background education. Their tactics have thrown the US and the world into civil friction and have infiltrated our flow of ideas.

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Today on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney, Frank and Dr. Tawfik Hamid discuss Congressman King’s hearings. Next, Christian Whiton, of DC International Advisory, discusses Libya, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Finally, Sara Carter discusses an event honoring an assassinated Christian cabinet minister in Pakistan and changes to Pentagon leadership.

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