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GORDON CHANG, Contributor, Daily Beast, Author, “The Coming Collapse of China,” “Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes the World” and “Losing South Korea," Twitter: @Gordongchang

  • China's military and society are being reorganized - potentially to mobilize for mass war
  • The Biden administration may continue President Trump's practice of increasing official relations with Taiwan
  • Antony Blinken agreed with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo when he labeled China's treatment of the Uyghurs a genocide

TODD BENSMAN, Senior National Security Fellow, Center for Immigration Studies, former Department of Homeland Security official, Twitter: @BensmanTodd

  • President Biden reversed Donald Trump's travel ban, or so-called "Muslim Ban, " on day one in office
  • Todd Bensman: Upwards of 20 million illegal aliens may be given amnesty under Joe Biden's recent directive
  • Biden's message to the world: If you can get to the US, either illegally or legally, you will eventually be granted amnesty
  • With Trump gone, can we no longer rely on Latin American countries to prevent migrant caravans from going to the US southern border?

ILAN BERMAN, Senior Vice President, American Foreign Policy Council, Associated Faculty, Missouri State University's Department of Defense and Strategic Studies, Twitter: @ilanberman

  • Ilan Berman's thoughts on President Biden possibly seeking to rejoin the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action: The writing has been on the wall for some time
  • President Trump's legacy policies: The Trump administration spent four years building up America's ability to counter Iran. Will the Biden Administration leverage some of these capabilities when they eventually go back to the negotiating table? 
  • Taking stock of the Trump Admin's accomplishments: Rolling détente between Israel and much of the Middle East

KEVIN FREEMAN, Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy, Host, Economic War Room on TheBlaze TV, Author, “Game Plan” and “Secret Weapon," Twitter: @SecretWeaponUSA:

  • Kevin Freeman: The US is about to go from a deficit of $20 trillion to $30 trillion in the blink of an eye 
  • Inflation is much higher 1%, could be upwards of 6%
  • Freeman argues that the only reason the US Dollar has remained relatively untouched by mounting US Debt is because it is still recognized as the reserve currency of the world - will China change things?

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How important is air superiority? Since 1950, the enemy, from the air, has never attacked US forces. The F-15 has never been shot down in air-to-air combat and the F-22 is by far the most dominant plane in the skies. As a result of these defense cuts, the US will be left with around 100 combat capable planes over the next three years. The Obama Administration has decided to scrap the Global Hawk UAV system, which can stay on target for upwards of 32 hours, and instead wants to use the 50-year-old U-2, which can only stay on target for approximately 8 hours.  General Tom McInerney (USAF Ret.) gives his analysis on the future of America’s air prowess.

Diana West joins us today to give us her analysis on the FBI’s meeting with the Muslims Brotherhood in the United States. The FBI claims to have purged their files of hundreds of reports that negatively characterize the Islamist movement.  Is America one step closer to becoming a Sharia compliant nation?

Should the FBI be meeting with potentially anti-American organizations that fund terrorism? The Muslim Brotherhood has won, for now, in their effort to suppress free speech that portrays Sharia law as a radical Islamist doctrine that oppresses democracy.  What is achieved by allowing this to happen?

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On this edition of Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney, Frank is joined first by Jennifer Rubin with Commentary magazine on the recent peace process, Tony Blair's thoughts on Iran and the Gates replacement. Next up is retired Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney, who will be speaking on the presiden'ts speech concerning Iraq and another military officer who is refusing to deploy on the grounds that Obama is not the rightful Commander-In-Chief. Finally, Frank will be joined by Claire Lopez who will be speaking on Iranian intelligence.

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