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With Dr. Tawfik Hamid, Ryan Mauro, Victor Sharpe, and VADM Peter Daly

·         DR. TAWFIK HAMID from the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies discusses the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and how it could alter the dynamic of the Middle East.

How Egypt's generals cut the revolution down to size

·         RYAN MAURO of explains how the LAPD, along with our military, is working with the Muslim Brotherhood in order to appease the people who want to enslave us.

The Islamists' Allies in Law Enforcement

·         Journalist VICTOR SHARPE discusses the continued assault on Israel from their Arab neighbours and how there will never be any real peace in the Middle East.

The Six-Day War: Israel's Miraculous Victory

·         VICE ADMIRAL PETER DALY (USN Ret.) of the US Naval Institute explains how the defense cuts will put America’s navy in a disastrous position, trying to defend our country on two fronts while only having enough resources for one.

Navy Strains To Handle Both China And Iran At Once



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