Adm. Ace Lyons, Michael Bastasch, Doug Bandow, Robert O’Brien

Adm. JAMES “ACE" LYONS, former Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet:

  • Is Islamic doctrine behind Middle Eastern violence? 
  • Shariah adherents in America
  • Thoughts on the disastrous Iran deal
  • The Chinese threat in the South China Sea

MICHAEL BASTASCH, reporter at The Daily Caller:

  • The recent Papal encyclical on climate change
  • Will the Pope’s stance on environmental issues lead to an upcoming United Nations mandate?
  • The continued trend of UN “global governance” in the climate debate

DOUG BANDOW, Senior Fellow at the CATO Institute and former special assistant to Pres. Reagan:

  • Is there an end in sight to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East?
  • Similarities between top countries for religious persecution of minorities
  • Ideas for forming a united front against jihad
  • Problems with the refugee resettlement process

ROBERT C. O’BRIEN, attorney and commentator on national security issues:

  • Russian aggression in Eastern Europe
  • Chinese expansionism in the South China Sea and the Western Hemisphere
  • Today's terror attacks in France, Tunisia, and Kuwait
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