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Diana West, Peter Pham, Roger Noriega, Jim Hanson

November 21st, 2012

With Diana West, Peter Pham, Roger Noriega, and Jim Hanson

DIANA WEST, author of Death of the Grown-up, discusses the growing proof that former CIA Director Petraeus lied to Congress, as well as the shocking attendance by an Obama official at a “Defamation of Islam” symposium hosted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

PETER PHAM of the Atlantic Council explains how African nations are falling to Islamist rule and what that means for the non-Muslims in the country as well as the interest of many Western nations.

AEI scholar ROGER NORIEGA warns about what could happen to Venezuela and its socialist system after the demise of President Hugo Chavez—an event that the newly re-elected Chavez’s government is already preparing for. Noriega also talks about the need for Congress to take the lead in dealing with the asymmetric warfare that Venezuela and Iran are waging against the US from Latin America.

Former Special Forces operator JIM HANSON speculates on the likelihood of an Israeli ground invasion into the Gaza Strip, and how such an action would make it easier for Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.