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Fred Grandy, Shaun Waterman, Walid Phares, Bill Gertz

February 24th, 2012

The courts are being used to insinuate Sharia into American courts. A Muslim judge in an American court of law dismissed a case that involved a Muslim citizen choking a non-Muslim citizen in Pennsylvania for wearing a Muhammad costume. The judge said “the First Amendment does not allow a person to piss off another person or culture.” Doesn’t the First Amendment allow citizens to wear whatever clothing they want? Assault is assault no matter what the reasoning is and the American Constitution gives us the right to piss off whoever we want because we have freedom of speech. Our own society is under attack from Sharia law and Fred Grandy explains what needs to be done to protect our citizens and our Constitution from this un-American law.

Are our chemical plants as secure as they ought to be? Americans would like to think so because we know that chemical plants are a high-value-target for terrorists. Unfortunately, the Department of Homeland Security has not been doing their part in helping to secure these facilities. In 2005, Congress ordered DHS to increase security of these facilities, and since then DHS has not approved any security measure provided to them by a chemical plant. DHS has claimed that preparations are under way but yet no actual step towards implementation has been taken. There are 4,000 high risk plants in the US, are any of them safe from a terrorist attack? Washington Times reporter, Shaun Waterman, has dug into this disgraceful lapse in protocol.

Which is worse, the devil you know or the one you don’t? This is the problem we are facing in Syria. Should America support the rebels or stay out of the righting and possibly allow Assad to remain in power? Walid Phares explains that the rebels are a mix of other groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and once Assad is out those groups will start trying to vie for power and as of right now the Muslim Brotherhood is the strongest and best organized of these groups therefore it is most likely that they will come to power just like they did in Egypt.

Why would North Korea even think of dismantling their nuclear weapons? Their military is small and not well trained or equipped; the only thing keeping this Communist regime in power is their control over a nuclear arsenal. Iran is definitely taking notice of this and it is this very reason that they are working so hard to develop their nuclear technology. If all else fails, a nuclear weapon is a strong deterrent and the North Koreans know this and that is why these talks about their nuclear weapons is nothing more than a waste of time and is just for show. How is the Taliban reacting to President Obama’s repeated apologies to the Afghan government? It is American troops that are being killed, yet he apologizes for honest mistakes that our troops make, Bill Gertz tells us what’s wrong with that picture.

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