Raymond Stock, Faith McDonnell, Jim Hanson, Diana West

With Raymond Stock, Faith McDonnell, Jim Hanson, Diana West

RAYMOND STOCK, the Middle East Forum Shillman/Ginsburg Writing Fellow, breaks down the elements of power in Egyptian society among Islamists and military amidst dictatorial style persecution of President Morsi’s political critics.

From the Institute on Religion and Democracy, the director on religious liberty programs, FAITH McDONNELL relates the tragic state of affairs for religious minorities in Pakistan.

Military blogger of Blackfive.net, JIM HANSON, explains the unintended ripple effects of the inevitable cut backs in military training that will result from the President’s defense budget priorities as well the meaning behind Secretary John Kerry’s visit to Afghanistan.

The Death of the Grown Up author, DIANA WEST uses the recent re-appearance of General David Petraeus to review truly unresolved issues around his career from Benghazi to COIN policy in Afghanistan.

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