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Rosemary Jenks, Reggie Little John, Fred Grandy, Bill Gertz

July 12th, 2013

ROSEMARY JENKS of Numbers USA takes an in depth look at the immigration reform bill currently within the House. She examines John Boehner’s intentions and connection to the bill, as well as President Obama’s involvement and what the success of the bill will mean for the Republican party and the American public in general.

REGGIE LITTLE JOHN of Women's Rights Without Frontiers explores the implications of the one child policy in China, including the impact the gender imbalance and resulting surplus of single men can possibly have in the international arena and the domestic issues that it causes for China.

FRED GRANDY, of the Center for Security Policy and former US Congressman from Iowa, highlights a variety of national security issues currently in the spotlight, including the immigration bill, the nomination of Samantha Power, and the current chaos and shift in Egypt.

BILL GERTZ of the Washington Free Beacon gives an update on the Edward Snowden affair and how Russia is capitalizing on the situation to further constrict freedoms in the country, as well as looks at Chinese nuclear proliferation and how this poses a very large problem for the United States.

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