With Dr. Lawrence Sellin and Pastor Rafael Cruz

DR. LAWRENCE SELLIN, retired international businessman and medical researcher, Veteran, US Army Reserve, Guest Contributor, The Gateway Pundit@LawrenceSellin

  • Lawrence Sellin responds to outgoing National Institutes of Health head Francis Collins’s opposition to COVID-19 lab leak theories
  • Sellin talks about the “political contamination” of the scientific literature
  • How long has Anthony Fauci been a proponent of gain-of-function research?

PASTOR RAFAEL CRUZ, Survivor, Fidel Castro’s Communist Regime, Father, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

  • Rafael Cruz talks about the recent Presidential election in Chile
  • Cruz delves into America’s early experiments with Socialism, and later free markets
  • Cruz: Communism operates under deception
  • According to the Texas State Attorney General, in Houston alone, around half a million individuals are trafficked each year
  • Cruz talks about the religious roots of the American revolution
  • Cruz: Politics is a ‘dirty business’ because people of principle are not running for office
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