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Barry Rubin, Avi Jorisch, Gordon Chang, Andy McCarthy

November 13th, 2012

Barry Rubin, Avi Jorisch, Gordon Chang, and Andy McCarthy

Barry Rubin of the GLORIA Center sifts through the lies and cover-ups behind the Benghazi attack to try and explain what really happened and how the Obama Administration froze when it meant the most. He also looks at Israeli security in light of a recent Syrian mortar attack and an impending Yemen civil war.

Avi Jorisch of the Red Cell Intelligence Group analyzes America’s “frienemy”, the United Arab Emirates. The UAE financially supports Iran and other rogue entities, while claiming to be an ally of the United States. Avi analyzes the implications of not responding to the UAE’s financial indiscretions.

Asian analyst Gordon Chang looks at the upcoming transition inside the Chinese Politburo and how the Conservatives on trying to hold on to a Soviet model, while the people call for political and economic reform. Gordon explores the impending collapse of the Chinese government if drastic changes don’t occur and soon.

Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy explains how the liberal media either downplays or ignores important national security issues such as the Benghazi attack and the intelligence leaks that came our of the Petraeus scandal.