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Jon Kyl, Rosemary Jenks, Seth Cropsey, Gordon Chang

June 24th, 2013

Senator JON KYL, gives an in depth summary of Obama’s plans for de-nuclearization and the president’s desire for a nuclear zero world. He specifically focuses in on the dangerous impact that unilaterally downgrading the nuclear arsenal might have on the American national security.

Mayday author, SETH CROPSEY, of the Hudson Institute quantifies the strategic build-up of the Chinese Navy in contrast to diminishing U.S. sea supremacy.

ROSEMARY JENKS of Numbers USA, explains the problems that will come from the passing of the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill, regardless of the Corker-Hoeven amendment that will be voted on tonight.

GORDON CHANG, of, digs deeper into the true relationship between Edward Snowden and the Chinese government and how deep their infiltration runs in American intelligence.

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