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Today, thousands of bikers began riding from Somerset, Pa., on their way to Ground Zero to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the victims of 9/11. It is events like these that Angie McCrary, Outreach Manager for Semper Fi Fund, gets the opportunity to take part. McCrary joins Frank to explain the important work the foundation is doing to support our Marines and Sailors. Started by Marine spouses in 2004, the Semper Fi Fund provides the crucial life-long support for our injured servicemen at their most vulnerable. Fully funded by private donations from patriotic citizens and corporations, Semper Fi Fund is able to conduct community events, like the Jerabek Challenge, a 4-mile run to honor the service of Pfc Ryan Jerabek, USMC who gave his life during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Next, Walid Phares, Professor at the National Defense University, gives us a much needed update on the Middle East. Phares explains the situation in Libya, where the dual rebel forces, made up of secular former bureaucrats and Islamist militia, seem to be gaining ground. Then, Phares reports on his birthplace Lebanon where Hezbollah officials have been linked to the assassinations of government officials. And finally, the author of The Coming Revolution: Struggle for Freedom in the Middle East, explains that struggle where in the wake of authoritarian regimes lies a race for power between democratic partners and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Then, Ed Walby, Director of Business Operations for Northrop Grumman, joins Secure Freedom Radio for a special segment spotlighting the Block 30 Global Hawk UAV. The superior UAV has just reached initial operational capability and will replace the U-2 spy plane in future missions. The Generation Three Global Hawk can hover at 60,000 feet for upwards of 36 hours, surpassing the U-2's 12 hours, the limit of what a human pilot can endure. Because of its flight ceiling, the Block 30 Global Hawks can fly beyond the range of enemy fire, and also reduces threat levels to personnel and costs. Walby explains how the UAV helped the Japanese after the Tsunami and nuclear meltdown, and its huge successes operating over Libya and Afghanistan.

Finally, Washington Times Reporter Bill Gertz gives us his take from "Inside the Ring" regarding Vice President Biden's "getting to know you tour of China." As China builds up its military and becomes more aggressive throughout East Asia, Biden will try to schmooze the regime on the debt crisis and an arms deal with Taiwan. He then informs on how the Pentagon is in line for "merciless" cuts amidst a shrinking Navy and cries from even Leon Panetta who is warning about slashing defense. Gertz also explains how Putin and his KGB cronies are nefariously seeking to restore the Soviet Union.

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