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GENERAL JACK KEANE (USA Ret.) analyzes the current Iraqi situation and how Obama's lack of strategic thought has led to an Iraq that is no more than a puppet for the Iranian regime. Instead of leaving a residual force in place, Obama pulled out all troops and essentially forced the new and unprotected Iraqi government to become friends with nefarious groups.

BRIAN ZIMMER, president of the Coalition for a Secure Driver's License, discusses how countries, such as China, are creating counterfeit American drivers licenses. This allows foreign citizens and potential terrorists to enter the US as well as faking American citizenship abroad.

Author JOHN WHOLSTETTER talks about his new book which sheds light on one of Washington’s dirtiest secrets, nuclear weapons. America's nuclear deterrent is aging, but instead of upgrading the technology politicians are cutting the nuclear force and letting the ones that aren't destroyed to just atrophy.

ANDY McCARTHY analyzes Obama's relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and shows how Obama has openly courted the brotherhood since he first got elected in 2008. Obama's actions have emboldened the Muslim Brotherhood to take charge of Egypt as well as run influence operations inside the US.

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