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Christian Whiton, Bill Gertz, Daniel Pipes, Luis Fleischman

June 7th, 2013 ·

CHRISTIAN WHITON, of the DC International Advisory and former State Department Senior Advisor, gives context to President Obama’s recently announced appointment of Susan Rice to National Security Advisor.

BILL GERTZ, of the Washington Free Beacon, discusses  the summit between President Obama and his Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping.

DANIEL PIPES, President of the Middle East Forum, gives a historians perspective on Samantha Power’s appointment as UN Ambassador and what that means for future action within Syria. Frank and Daniel also discuss  Sunni and Shiite conflicts, and the recent uprising in Turkey.

Senior adviser for the Menges Hemispheric Security Project at the Center for Security Policy, LUIS FlEISCHMAN, talks about his new book “Latin America in the Post Chavez Era: The Security Threat to the United States.” He gives an overview of whether or not Venezuela is still stuck in a post-Chavez era as well as an analysis on some of the most important topics currently found in the media including; the Venezuelan State Ministry’s newly released statement detailing their outlook on American-Venezuelan relations as well as the recently released State Department’s 2012 counter terrorism report.


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Barry Rubin, Robert Zubrin, Andy McCarthy, Christian Whiton

May 14th, 2013 ·

With Barry Rubin, Robert Zubrin, Andy McCarthy, Christian Whiton

BARRY RUBIN, of the Gloria Center, discusses the potential consequences between the growing and close friendship Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan have and the negative impact this has on any possible growth of democracy in the region.

ROBERT ZUBRIN, of  Pioneer Astronautics and The Mars Society, gives an overview of some of today's top energy concerns ranging from issues such as energy independence and Qatari's buying of US gas reserve fields, to updates in the field of climate change, as well as discusses anti-humanism and what this means in the United States.

ANDY MCCARTHY, Contributing Editor with National Review Online, talks about the real role the anti-Islam movie “Innocence of Muslims” played in the context of the Benghazi attacks on September 11, 2012 and uncovers some of the real groups/motives behind the attacks.

CHRISTIAN WHITON, of DC Advisory International and author of the upcoming book "Smart Power", discusses the State Department's release of false statements in the aftermath of the attacks on the US Consulate in Benghazi and briefly talks about the upcoming June elections in Iran and what this truly means for Iranian-American relations.


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Roger Noriega, Michael S. Smith II, Christian Whiton

April 12th, 2013 ·

How well informed is U.S. President on Venezuela, it’s significance, and that of the U.S. role in Latin America?  Former Ambassador to the Organization of American States, ROGER NORIEGA, helps us discover why the unrest and suffering in Venezuela is a symptom of Cuban influence and U.S. indifference to it.

MICHAEL S. SMITH II, of Kronos Advisory LLP, examines the historical relationship between Iran and al Qaeda, and why that relationship is souring as al Qaeda desperately tries to stay relevant in a world more preoccupied with the political revolutions of the "Arab Spring."

In a special two-part interview, former US State Department senior adviser and principal at DC International Advisory LLC CHRISTIAN WHITON goes into an in-depth analysis of North Korea. Topics discusses include the regime's relationship with China, what is behind the dictatorship's extreme hostility towards religion, and how the U.S. might be able to better relations with the country by changing its rhetoric.


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Ted Bromund, Joel Hirst, Lars Hedegaard, Christian Whiton

March 19th, 2013 ·

With Ted Bromund, Joel Hirst, Lars Hedegaard, Christian Whiton.

TED BROMUND of the Heritage Foundation draws important distinctions between rhetoric and impact concerning the Arms Trade Treaty currently at issue for the U.N. and challenges assumptions about the possibility of it's application in the U.S. without Senate ratification.

In the absence of U.S. leadership in Latin America the drama plays out in Venezuela in the wake of the passing of Hugo Chavez.  JOEL HIRST, the Human Freedom Fellow at the George W. Bush Institute and a Principal for Cordoba Group International, explains the state of play, who the players, and what is at stake between now and the snap elections soon to take place in Venezuela.  He also discusses his novel, The Lieutenant of San Porfirio, which will be released soon in Spanish prologued by Ricardo Lopez Murphy and with praise from former Peruvian president, Alejandro Toledo.

In an attempt to enforce Shariah law globally with the threat of death, an unknown assassin attempted to shoot the Danish free speech activist, LARS HEDEGAARD in the face in February of 2013.  Mr. Hedegaard survived and shares his account in an interview on Secure Freedom Radio here.

Former Senior State Department official, CHRISTIAN WHITON of DC International Advisory, lays out an indicting history of the Obama administrations ideological campaign against strategic missile defense which provides context for the current backtrack urgently initiated to counter a real North Korean threat.


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Claudia Rosett, Christian Whiton, Jon Iadonisi, Andy McCarthy

February 26th, 2013 ·

CLAUDIA ROSETT, journalist in residence for the Foundation for  Defense of Democracies, exposes the front company that the Iranian ambassador to the UN has been using to skirt US sanctions on 5th Avenue in New York City.

Principal at DC International Advisory LLC, CHRISTIAN WHITON reviews John Kerry's first tour up to this point, wondering why the administration is keeping our allies at arm's length while embracing our enemies, and emphasizes the need for an offensive cyber security campaign to address the growing Chinese threat.

JON IADONISI, founder of the White Canvas Group and retired Navy SEAL, analyzes the Mandian report that confirms state-sponsored cyber-attacks from China, and advises both policy makers and citizens on what they can do to defend themselves from the cyber threat.

On the twentieth anniversary of the first bombing of the World Trade Center, ANDY MCcCARTHY, the chief prosecutor for the case and author of Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy, discusses the state of America's War on Terror since the 1993 tragedy, observes that new Arab Spring democracies are voting to implement Shariah Law four to one, and wonders at John Brennan's inability to understand the ideology behind the jihadist threat.


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