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Christopher Holton an expert on Sharia law discusses the recent court ruling that overturned an Oklahoma ban on courts from considering international or Islamic (Sharia) law and answers questions such as what impact would this have on American businesses dealing with international law. Do American states have any evidence or example of Sharia law being used in American courts? Why do we need this law? Will more states join in passing such an amendment?

Sarah Stern, discusses the U.S.-Saudi Arabia relations as to whether Saudi Arabia is in fact our ally? Every year billions of dollars from the oil revenue go towards funding Sunni Islamist worldwide and white washing the image of Saudi Arabia to hide the human rights abuses in the country. To add to this Saudi Arabia has penetrated the American NGO scene. What is the future of this alliance? Is U.S. paying a heavy price to feed its hunger for oil and love of automobiles?

Diana West closes the show by pointing out how the Republicans have avoided important foreign policy issues of 2012. Diana then moves on to discussing how the efforts of helping and freeing countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq are in vain because the basis of their Constitution is Sharia law, and not democracy for which we have fought long and hard. What factors contributed to a misguided American philosophy of believing that the U.S. can change these countries? Diana talks about the forgotten Polish aircraft that crashed in April 2010 in Russia and the inconsistencies and holes in the Russian report related to the crash. This itself should qualify for an independent inquiry. What was the story behind the crash and what are the factors that indicate foul play and demand an independent inquiry? Diana provides her insight on the issue. She then concludes with her thoughts on the recent violation of dead Afghani civilians by the Marines.

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With the 2012 Presidential election coming up next November, Americans are left wondering which Republican candidate will step up and vie for the seat of Commander-in-chief. In a recent straw poll conducted in Iowa last weekend, it seems that Americans want to elect a principal, capable leader who will protect their national security. Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota’s 6th district, who garnered the most votes in this poll, seems to be the solution to not only reducing the deficit but also keeping Americans safe. Frank introduces the show with his thoughts on Rep. Bachmann and the other Republican candidates, as well as how the next leader of the Free World needs to implement the time tested philosophy of “peace through strength.”

Next, Lieutenant General and ordained minister, Jerry Boykin joins Secure Freedom Radio to talk about the church’s role in resisting Shariah law, or what he deems the “most serious threat to the United States since 1776.” He also discusses the emergence of a new religious movement in America called Chrislam, which combines Islamic and Christian practices. Boykin comments on how this new movement is merely a tool to appease the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist extremists in America who claim religious freedom under the Constitution.

Former State Department official and principal at DC International Advisory LLC, Christian Whiton examines the latest reports that Pakistan allowed Chinese journalists to take pictures of the fallen helicopter, including its stealth technology, in Afghanistan. He surveys the implications that a close Pakistan-China relationship will have for our military mission in Afghanistan and our influence in the region. This relationship not only strengthens one of America’s most powerful enemies, but also weakens the ties with one of America’s most dangerous allies.

Christopher Holton of the Center for Security Policy concludes today’s show by enlightening us about what he refers to as the “symbolic” sanctions placed on Syria. According to Holton, in 2004, 2006, and 2008 President Bush signed orders to cut off all trade to Syria. Thus, he argues that further sanctions, such as freezing al-Assad’s foreign assets are more of a symbolic gesture than a meaningful action. He also discusses with Frank how revenues gathered from the Law of the Sea Treaty might benefit nations such as Cuba and Syria.

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On today's show, Frank talks with Chris Holton about Shiria financing. Next Frank discusses nuclear proliferation and the New Start Treaty. Finally, Frank and  Jim Hanson talk about the meltdown in Pakistan that has recently occurred and about the commando style attacks that might happen in Europe.

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On Today's show, Frank gives a first hand account of his visit to an incredibly well funded group called the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro (TN).  There, a tiny community of 200 hundred families will finance a 50,000 square foot Mosque and learning center.  "It turns out that middle Tennessee, acording to a former FBI agent who is a source of ours, is the third most active area in America in terms of the Muslim Brotherhood and the effort to insinuate into our country, Sharia and recruit others to its Jihad, stealthy or violent."  Douglas Murray from the U.K. based think tank, The Centre for Social Cohesion joins Frank to discuss their latest open source intelligence publication entititled, Islamist Terrorism: The British Connection.  Chris Holton from The Center for Security Policy's Divest Terror Initiative weighs in on sanctions against Iran.  Chris is a leading expert on how U.S. financial institutions fund terror supporting regimes.  Finally, Marc Thiessen, author of Courting Disaster, discusses Wiki Leaks and the lawyers who are defending Anwar Awlaki as Awlaki leads Al Qaeda in Yemen's war against the U.S.

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Today’s show features Christopher Holton, who has been following Sharia’s encroachment in the United States. Holton calls attention to the fact that Sharia requires stoning as punishment for certain crimes by highlighting the situation currently underway in Iran about a woman slated to be stoned for adultery. Henry Sokolski provides an update on how the Obama administration’s nuclear non-proliferation agenda is actually making proliferation worse. Jim Hanson returns to brief us on Hezbollah’s presence in Mexico. What are they doing there, and more importantly, do our leaders responsible for protecting us even care?

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