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WILLIAM GRAHAM, Former Science Advisor to the Reagan Administration:Debating the administration's proposal to eliminate the last lab samples of small ...View Details

TOM POPIK, founder of the Foundation for Resilient Societies, explains why the custom nature of US electrical grid technology means it could take up t...View Details

BILL ROGGIO, managing editor of The Long War Journal, joins guest host JIM HANSON, to discuss the Navy SEAL-led raids in Libya and Somalia over the pa...View Details

ANDY McCARTHY, former federal prosecutor, discusses the start of the Nidal Hasan trial, as well as the situation in Egypt and the Islamist influences ...View Details

Congressman JOHN FLEMING, of the 4th Congressional District of Louisiana, gives his insight on the battle for religious freedom within the military. H...View Details

ROBERT SPRINGBORG, professor of Naval Affairs at the Naval Graduate School, analyzes the Egyptian military, General al-Sisi and his relationship with ...View Details

BARRY RUBIN, of the Gloria Center, first talks with Frank about last week's speech made by President Obama, and then looks toward the future of Syri...View Details

CLARE LOPEZ, former CIA officer and Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, walks us through the traps of realistic contingencies in Syria....View Details

Former CIA officer CLARE LOPEZ of the Center for Security Policy maps the threat matrix between Al Qaeda and Iran, and details the Gramscian strate...View Details

With Adam Kredo, Clare Lopez, Jim Hanson, and Diana West.

From the Washington Free Beacon, ADAM KREDO explains the series of unprecedented events...View Details

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