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Former Captain USMC, FBI Officer, counterterrorism expert and leader in the fight against Shariah in America, John Guandolo joins Frank for a Secure Freedom Radio first, a musical edition highlighting Guandolo’s new song “America (Land of the Free).” Guandolo relates the powerful story of his work in the FBI in the weeks after 9/11 that provided the impetus to use his musical talents to pay tribute to America.  “I do it because I believe this country is worth fighting for,” says Guandolo who, after a life-long career of service beginning from his graduation from the Naval Academy in 1989, is now partnering with Operation Restored Warrior to do “real work for real warriors.”  A portion of the proceeds from his album, “Boats Against the Current,” will go towards Operation Restored Warrior, and John offers a special preview of his new song.

Guandolo continues his conversation with Frank as they turn to the important counter-terrorism issues of the day.  He shares his concern of the Administration’s “complete lack of understanding” of the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood, here at home, in the guise of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Muslim American Society.  Designed to be the “nucleus” for the Islamic movement in North America by the Muslim Brotherhood, Guandolo explains how these organizations are guiding U.S. foreign policy and domestic counter-terrorism efforts, and dissects the “Islamaphobia” propaganda campaign of the OIC.

Then, Ed Freeborn, Senior Analyst for Unmanned Experts, explains the domestic uses of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).  Freeborn facilitates retired servicemen with significant UAV experience to apply their expertise to local law enforcement and homeland security.  With 20 years of experience in geospatial technology and data development, Freeborn discusses the controversy involving drones and the Southern border, concluding UAVs “have a role to play just like a fence and boots on the ground do” in securing the border.  Since the “Federal government can’t be everywhere,” he says, local law enforcement must step up to the plate, like New York City has, and share in the responsibility of keeping our nation safe.

Finally, COL. Reginald Bostick lets us in on his new assignment as Commander of the 4th Military Information Support Group, in what he calls, “the best month of my life.”   Col. Bostick explains how the operation disseminates information to foreign audiences to inform on U.S. policy, ranging from our political, economic and military systems.  The “truly unique organization” works with embassies in order to prevent conflict during peace time and in war.  Bostick, the former Senior Military Fellow at the Institute of World Politics, explains the “cognitive revolution” that has taken place in the organization that used to be known as “Psychological Operations.”  He explains the necessity of understanding cultural idiosyncratic nuances and how he seeks to make positive impacts internationally, like preventing terrorist groups from recruiting youth.

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