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Since the revelation of the “The China Dream” proved to mean China’s rise and America’s fall from the number one global superpower, a growing militarization has become prevalent in the Communist nation. Secure Freedom Radio’s resident China expert Gordon Chang discusses this view within the People’s Liberation Army and the current unrest  with riots in the Guangdong province.  Ambassador Yoram Ettinger, joins Frank to discuss his demographic data proving that the Palestinian Authority have artificially inflated the number of Arabs living in the West Bank by 66 percent, as well as Palestine’s continued terrorism, hate education and non-compliance.  Also, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute Christopher Ford examines cyber arms control and the differing determinations of what constitutes a cyber attack in varying nations around the world.  And finally, Congressman John Shimkus of Illinois, discusses energy security as he sees it from the Environment and the Economy Subcommittee Chair.

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