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Frank and MICHAEL RUBIN of AEI analyze the rise of Islam in Turkey, and the indoctrination of American and Turkish youth through the building of Gulen schools in over 135 different locations in America.

DANIELLE PLETKA of AEI discusses the potential degrading effects on national security that the appointment of John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, and John Brennan from the Obama administration will have.

CAROLINE GLICK of the Jerusalem Post explains how the key problem with the Hagel nomination is not that he is anti-Israel, but that he is anti-America. Glick argues that no country will replace the U.S., but rather the world will become much more violent--just as it was in the 19th century.

DIANA WEST, author of Death of the Grown-Up,  and Frank discuss the Islam presence evident in media and especially in Al Goreera, the newly acquired Al Jazeera, and the presence of heavily influenced Muslim Brotherhood ideals in American media.

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