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DAVID BOSSIE of Citizens United discusses the five members of Congress who are calling for an investigation into the backgrounds of some very influential government employees. He also analyzes the independent study that found the FBI failed to investigate Major Nadal Hassan for reasons of political correctness.

Michele Bachmann's McCarthyism?

SEBASTIAN GORKA from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies explains what America needs to do to win the war against Islamism and how the government needs to have a greater concern over the infiltration of the government by the Islamists.

The Complexity Trap

Latin America analyst ROGER NORIEGA looks at how Venezuela is aiding Syria in their civil war by selling oil used in the Syrian tanks and APC’s. He also explains that Venezuela could be heading to a civil war once Hugo Chavez dies and there is a power vacuum.

Venezuela Fuels Syria Crackdown

Asian analyst GORDON CHANG explains the public’s sentiment in China which feels the government cannot take care of its own people. China is in violation of the Law of the Sea Treaty by their increased militarization of the South China Sea and they are overstretching themselves externally and fracturing internally.

The Price of Life in China

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Freedom of speech is one of America’s most precious and fundamental rights; the founder of Citizens United, David Bossie, talks about the threat to our First Amendment right from Sharia. Dr. Loch Johnson, author of “The Threat on the Horizon,” gives an inside look at the intelligence commissions and what goes on behind closed doors when it comes to intelligence and national security. Asia expert Gordon Chang enlightens Americans on how China is persecuting Christians among an increasing crackdown nationwide. Is this more evidence that China is heading for a collapse?

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