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Georgetown University professor Dr. Phillip Karber speaks with Frank on the topic of Chinese underground tunnels. Dr. Karber and his students have worked tirelessly to expose China’s underground tunnel system that has been built by China’s Strategic Rocket Force. It is referred to as China’s Underground Great Wall and this program has been going on since 1985 and consists of 3,000 miles of underground tunnels designed to hide their nuclear arsenal. How many weapons are stockpiled in this underground maze? This significantly increases the risk from the Chinese and therefore must be dealt with by the U.S. government. China has more tunneling underground than the rest of the world combined, what are they trying to hide? Will America now see China as a security threat and not just a nuisance?    

Representative Ted Poe joins Frank to give his take on the Eric Holder drama. It seems that Attorney General Holder can’t get his story straight nor can he get control of his own house. He claims to not know the answer too many of Congresses questions which leads people to believe he either has no control over his house and is incompetent or he is a liar. Congressman Poe also explains a development in a DEA operation where money might have been given to the drug cartels in hope of tracking the money up the ladder. Is this another Fast and Furious type case? It seems the money has been lost and now the cartels have large sums of money given to them by the U.S. government. Representative Poe also talks about technology from the military in Iraq will now be used on the border since troops are coming home and this technology will no longer be needed overseas.  Finally, Congressman Poe sent a letter to Secretary Clinton to ask her to explain to the OIC in their meeting, that any anti-blasphemy law is a violation of American free speech and therefore there should not be laws that prohibit any criticism of religion. Did Secretary Clinton make this point clear to the OIC?

Representative Mike Rogers spends time with Frank to explain what happened to the drone that landed in Iranian hands. The drone was actually more banged up than previously thought and the Iranians put it back together for propaganda purposes.  Representative Rogers also comments on the Homeland Security policy pertaining to how American agents are trained on terrorist threats. Political Correctness does not make a situation right; an FBI agent who is only taught about half the problem can only be half affective. Our government needs to give both sides of the equation, not all Muslims are extremists, but there are radicalized Islamists who seek to destroy this country and that needs to be taught to American agents. Allowing them to hear all sides of the problem makes them more affective and can better protect this nation. Finally, Congressman Rogers speaks on having some level of American force needs to stay in Iraq to help ensure security and help the Iraqi security apparatus grow and function on their own. How can we adequately train our law enforcement if we cannot talk openly about the threat?

Regular guest Andy McCarthy speaks with Frank about Sen. John Kerry’s appeasement with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. His praise of the emergence of the Brotherhood is something that Americans should take note of. America is the biggest contributor to the IMF and therefore when the IMF sends money to Egypt to support the Brotherhood, it is sending American taxpayer money. Is John Kerry just carrying the banner of the Obama Administration? It is obvious that the Muslim Brotherhood’s civil arm is no different from its military arm. When will Americans wake up and acknowledge this threat? Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and that is an acknowledged terrorist organization.  What are the implications for American liberty is Secretary Clinton and the Obama Administration concede to the demands of the OIC? What can Congress do the stop the transfer of a war criminal and terrorist


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