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What is the legacy of the late President Ronald Reagan? Paul Kengor explains how the life and policies of this great American leader has helped to shape 20th century and even 21st century America. This was a man who understood the threats that America faced and he knew what needed to be done to combat those threats. Ronald Regan was always ready to stand against the enemy in order to preserve freedom and democracy.

The president has expressed, on different occasions, his belief that the Constitution is a deficient document.  He has also indicated that a primary goal of his administration is to change the way things are done in the United States in order to balance the principles on which he believes the nation was founded.  Rep. Gohmert joins Frank today to share his opinion about Obama’s effort to change the Constitution and whether or not the president is trying to get the principles of the Founding Fathers back or trying to impose his own principles.

Vice President of Unmanned Systems for Qinetiq, Ed Godere, explains how the Dragon Runner family of unmanned systems is helping to improve survivability of our dismounted troops. This lightweight robot helps to detect IEDs as well as enemy positions which is allows troops to stay in a secure position while this robot enters houses or travels over roads that may hide IEDs.

What is Mitt Romney’s attitude towards Sharia? Does he understand this threat of is this just political rhetoric? Andy McCarthy provides his analysis pertaining to how Romney’s own religion might be affecting his stance towards the stealth jihad and his willingness to combat such a threat.

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