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· Dr. Barry Rubin of the GLORIA Center explains what is happening in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood has shown their true colors and all the people that were fooled into thinking they were a secular organization are now seeing them for what they are, fundamental Islamists.

How Can Obama's Middle East Policy Possibly Get Worse? Answer: Look at Syria

· Huffington Post blogger Heather Robinson discusses the increasing influence Iran is wielding within Iraq and throughout the region. How is Iran circumventing the US led financial embargo?

Iraqi PM Maliki being used as a ‘tool’ by Iran, as Islamic Republic sends fighters and weapons through Iraq

· Mark Langerman of the Patriot Fund explains Terror-Free Investment and how terrorist organizations are getting financial backing from ordinary citizens without their knowledge. Money is the lifeline for these organizations and that money can come from mainstream companies that average Americans invest in or buy from. Part of the operating costs from Mark’s organization goes to America’s Mighty Warriors and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

A new fund offers "terror-free" investing

· Asian analyst Gordon Chang sheds light on Secretary Panetta’s tour of the region, which was used to reassure allies without offending China; will the US have to choose between the two? Is Obama submitting to North Korea’s will?

U.S. tepid about N. Korea's overture, threats

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