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ROBERT ZARATE, policy director of the Foreign Policy Initiative, explains his ideas as a signatory of a letter sent to President Obama last week, urging Congressional approval of a strike upon Syria.

HENRY SOKOLSKI, Executive director of the Nonproliferation policy Education center, analyzes US intervention in Syria and what it would take to truly rid the world of chemical weapons.

ANDY McCARTHY, of National Review Online, expresses his concern over what might come from a possible attack on the Assad regime in Syria.

GORDON CHANG, of Forbes and World Affairs Journal, discusses North Korea being the largest supplier of chemical weapons and nuclear technology, the Bo Xi Lai trial, the Philippines and Chinese relationship, and the decrease in the US Navy and what that will mean for Asia

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ROGER NORIEGA of American Enterprise Institute, in response to a new State Department report recently released, talks terrorists in the Western Hemisphere and Hezbollah’s actions south of the border.

DEAN CHENG of the Heritage Foundation's Asian Studies Center remarks on the recent US government report that openly accuses the Chinese of cyber-espionage, as well as China's announcement that it considers much of the South China Sea to be not just its exclusive economic zone, but its territorial waters—a possession which would give China the say over whether ships can sail through one of the most-trafficked waters in the world.

ANDY MCCARTHY of the National Review Online, gives a brief analysis on a variety of some of the biggest issues that the US is facing toward including the seeping in of Sharia law into American law, McCain's recent visit to Syria and how he views this as the start of a campaign to embroil the United States into another war.

HENRY SOKOLSKI, Executive Director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, explains why shifting American policy towards foreign countries seeking nuclear material is causing anger and confusion among the US Congress and American public.

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Former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs ROGER NORIEGA analyzes the presidential election that took place in Venezuela yesterday, expressing doubts that Chavez’s hand-picked successor, who won by a “razor thin” margin, had legitimately claimed victory.

Dr. HENRY SOKOLSKI, executive director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, critiques the U.S. government’s response to the North Korean threat, and argues that an effective measure against the corrupt regime would be to go after its ability to get hard currency through illegal means, such as by trafficking drugs, people, and exotic animals.

What tools of foreign policy does the U.S. have in the financial category to deal with North Korea?  GORDON CHANG of lays out the strategic landscape in Asia and clarifies where the Chinese really stand in relationship to North Korea.

Can Chinese military power be measured accurately? With strategic deception as a pillar of Chinese military doctrine, beliefs of Western policy makers are subject to great confusion.  RICHARD FISHER of the International Assessment and Strategy Center brings expertise to bare on the matter.

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· HENRY SOKOLSKI of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center explains the need for America to take a tougher stance against Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran Hangs Man for Killing Nuclear Scientist

· War correspondent, ALEX QUADE, gives us an inside look at her upcoming film “Horse Soldiers of 9/11” which will premier at the GI Film Festival

Horse Soldiers of 9/11

· American Enterprise Institute scholar NICHOLAS EBERSTADT gives his analysis on the future of nations with a declining population.

Europe’s fundamental long-term deficit isn’t measured in euros; it’s measured in babies

· ANDY McCARTHY from the National Review Online explains the latest case of Sharia infecting Western court systems.

Western Shariah

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On today’s show, Mark Krikorian from the Center for Immigration Studies joins Frank to tell us about the Dream Act and its effort to provide amnesty for those who came to this country illegally as children. Next, Henry Sokolski discusses the interesting developments as negotiations with the Iranians are being made in Geneva. Following Sokolski, former ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, joins Frank to talk about the START Treaty and the consequences of taking it up during the lame duck session. Finally, Gordon Chang gives us the latest on North Korea.

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Today on SFR, Henry Sokolski of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center joins Frank to discuss the effect of the fueling of Iran's nuclear reactor at Bashir.  Then, Mark Helprin, author of Winter's Tale, weighs in on China with great depth on their strategy for military dominance.  Finally, Andy McCarthy on Ramzi Binalshibh, torture, and the Ground Zero mosque.  But first, Frank share's some thoughts on the President's dream of a United States without nuclear weapons and the coming vote for ratification of the new START treaty.

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Bill Hawkins joins Frank to chime in on China’s efforts to deny an American presence in the western Pacific.  Then, Debra Burlingame makes a repeat appearance to speak about the Ground Zero mosque, and what is being done to put a stop to its symbolic placement over hallowed ground.  Later, Henry Sokolski warns us of the danger of going through with the New START Treaty and the potential American nuclear arms sale to Pakistan.

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Today’s show features Christopher Holton, who has been following Sharia’s encroachment in the United States. Holton calls attention to the fact that Sharia requires stoning as punishment for certain crimes by highlighting the situation currently underway in Iran about a woman slated to be stoned for adultery. Henry Sokolski provides an update on how the Obama administration’s nuclear non-proliferation agenda is actually making proliferation worse. Jim Hanson returns to brief us on Hezbollah’s presence in Mexico. What are they doing there, and more importantly, do our leaders responsible for protecting us even care?

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Frank opens the show with a fantastic monologue on the statements of Secretary Gates and General McCrystal that the US is losing the war in Afghanistan and why.  Henry Sokolski updates us on Iran’s continued progress towards a nuclear weapon and why the sanctions will not slow Iran’s journey towards obtaining nukes.  Cong. Bob Beauprez weighs in on the border patrol shooting of a fifteen year old boy on the border, drug trafficking with respect to the people that are carrying the drugs across our borders,  and the continuing illegal immigration struggle.  In the second monologue, Frank talks about Gaza the humanitarian aid that freely flows into Gaza every week and why President Obama feels that the only way to have lasting peace is for Israel to accept a two-state solution regardless of their security concerns.

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