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JAMIE FLY of the Foreign Policy Initiative analyzes Romney's foreign policy and how his ideas on national security are needed now more than ever.

Latin American analyst ROGER NORIEGA speaks about the explosion at the Venezuelan oil refinery and the impact that could play on the upcoming election.

FRED GRANDY of the Center for Security Policy looks at the opening speeches for the Republican National Convention and analyzes the GOP platform and a brave stance it took on foreign laws being applied to American courts.

Former Special Forces operator JIM HANSON talks about Russia/US military training, as well as the need for the Army to acquire new technology to help increase its intelligence capabilities and why it is being held-up.

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DR. TAWFIK HAMID from the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies explains the future of Egypt, the Middle East and US security while the Muslim Brotherhood is in power.

Why Newly-Elected Egyptian President Mursi is Speeding a Confrontation With the Military

JAMIE FLY of the Foreign Policy Institute discusses Iran’s nuclear program and how it’s time for Congress to take action to halt any progression to their activities.

It’s time for Congress to seriously explore an AUMF to halt Iran’s nuclear program, says FPI's William Kristol and Jamie Fly

BlackFives’ JIM HANSON talks about America’s apology to Pakistan in order for them to open their supply routes to NATO as well as Pakistani jihadists recruiting efforts in India.

Pakistani jihadist groups fundraise, recruit openly in Rawalpindi

Asian analyst GORDON CHANG talks about the growing economic problems facing China as well as the rest of Asia banning together to counter Chinese aggression.

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