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With Jim Hanson, Jon Adler, and Andy McCarthy

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today's show starts with Frank's take on the debate.  You've just got to listen.  You won't find a better analysis on the GOP CNN national security debate that cuts to the heart of matters like Frank does.

Jim Hanson of brings his own brand of boots on the ground GOP national security debate analysis as well.  He also lays out the economics of good intelligence collection weighed against the costs of war especially in the Middle East.

Jon Adler of the he Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association raises the sadly ignored issue of what the budget cuts mean for those protecting us on American Soil.  He also has some choice words for politically correct counter terrorism training policies.

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Jon Adler, 9/11 first responder, tries to answer where America goes after Osama bin Laden’s death. Raymond Ibrahim analyzes the fate of terrorism after the death of bin Laden. Andrew Bostom explains the American government’s willingness to adhere to Sharia or is there another explanation? Andy McCarthy explains Pakistan’s past links to terrorism and the probability of their innocence in knowing the location of bin Laden.

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