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BARRY RUBIN, Director of the GLORIA Center, points out the reality of the upcoming Israeli election that the mass media is failing to grasp--namely, Israelis are voting much as they always have, but this time around the far right is better aligned.

Ret. Col. JOSEPH WOOD, former advisor to Vice President Cheney, discusses the responsibility that France still feels towards its ex-colonies in Africa, including Mali. Wood also talks about the French government's attempt to limit religious extremism within its own borders, which recently led to the creation of an observatory of secularism.

On the day of President Obama's second inauguration, the Foreign Policy Initiative's ROBERT ZARATE reflects on what steps Obama took during his first term to press forward with his goal of "Global Zero," and offers up predictions of what Obama may do in the next four years. writer GORDON CHANG, recently returned from a trip to India, describes the fear he encountered repeatedly that the U.S. is increasingly taking Pakistan's side over India's. Secretary of State nominee John Kerry's past statements regarding Pakistan have only served to further unsettle Indians regarding the direction the U.S. is heading.

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