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With Gordon Chang, Jim Hanson, Larry Farrell, and Roger Noriega

Asian analyst GORDON CHANG explains how the Obama Administration is allowing the Chinese government to buy US technological companies that create dual-use products. He also explains how the Chinese government is helping Iran to create a nuclear weapon and America is turning a blind eye.

Former operator with the US Special Forces JIM HANSON explains how the new report that Obama’s administration has severely weakened Al-Qaeda is not a realistic representation of the actual threat of Islamist extremism. Hanson goes into several other national defense issues, such as Romney’s trip to Israel and women in the military.

President of the National Defense Industrial Association LARRY FARRELL explains that our government is compromising national security by downsizing the military and defense industrial base in a time when there are more threats to American security. He discusses that America will not be prepared to thwart or respond to an attack like 9/11.

ROGER NORIEGA from InterAmerican Security Watch analyzes Venezuela's presence throughout Latin America and the need for the American government and military to properly understand and react to the threat poised by Hugo Chavez.

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