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· Michelle joins Frank to discuss her recent piece in the Wall Street Journal about Russian spies as well as comments made by Vice President Joe Biden to Mitt Romney in respect to the same.

· The Russian intelligence presence in the United States is as extensive and high in numbers as it was during the height of the Cold War. The last arrest made in connection to Russian spying was made in 2001. Is the administration closing its eyes to the Russian intelligence presence in the country?


· Eric points out that this is not a war on terror, terrorism is only a tactic motivated by Islamist ideology. The most dangerous of all the jihads is the civilization jihad and the masters of which are the Muslim Brotherhood.

· Muslim Brotherhood operatives are penetrating and influencing the United States government. Why does the government seem clueless?


· An expert in Constitutional law and a Marine by background examines the hearing on the Arizona law. Arizona can and is doing whatever it can under the Constitution to protect the people in the state. Is this a Constitutional crisis?

· U.S. government’s ownership of AIG, a company that is the world’s largest purveyor of Sharia compliant insurance products raises the question of who is influencing who. Is this becoming a part of a pattern of extra constitutional behavior?  Muise points out that the current administration is taking actions that are so contrary to the Constitution.


· A visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, shares his opinion about the Arizona law and the current hearing.  Noriega points out that our immigration system has not kept up with the economic side of things hence the problem has deteriorated over time.

· Will the sympathy for illegal immigrants outweigh the need for securing the border and the society?

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