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  • Was U.S. President Barack Obama’s emphasis on the Israeli perspective in his address to AIPAC code for, “I don’t share your view but it’s quite understandable.”? Former Israeli ambassador, Yoram Ettinger measures the words of both Presidents, Obama and Netanyahu. He also asserts a challenging paradigm that the Palestinian and Israeli peace process is not the central issue in the Middle East as a driving force of policy or the true source of anti-American sentiment.

Segment 2

  • Mitch Silber is the director of the NYPD's intelligence division's analytic and cyber units as well as the author of The Al Qaeda Factor: Plots Against the West.  He joined Frank today to discuss the recent thwarted suicide attack against the US capitol, the ideology behind the radicalization of those who choose to commit terrorist attacks, and the religious component of Al Qaeda type ideologies.

Segment 3

  • Peter Berkowitz of the Hoover Institution believes Israel has the right to defend itself against the threat posed by Iran. Berkowitz claims, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is a rogue state,” and that Israel should be treated accordingly. Frank discusses the following issues with Berkowitz: Does Israel have the permission under the International law to attack Iran, under the current circumstances? Is Iran affected by M.A.D. policy calculations as the U.S. and Russia were during the Cold War? Would Iran implement a self defense strategy against Israel and the U.S. under the international law? Berkowitz explains in detail what the possibilities of the future relationship between Iran and Israel.

Segment 4

  • Andy McCarthy, who successfully prosecuted one of the conspirators of the 1993 World Trade Center attack, gives his assessment of Eric Holder’s apologia for the administration’s assassination policy. If one sets the administrations past political rhetoric aside, it could be understood from Holder’s testimony before Congress that, in a practical sense, the administration has accepted the Bush doctrine of fighting terrorism according to the rules of war.

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Fred Grand starts off today’s show by elaborating on Obama’s comment in regards to reorganizing the commerce and trade department. Does this administration want to consolidate power within the executive branch? In a review of yesterdays interview with Diana West, Fred Grandy explains his view on the Marines eligibly desecrating corpse of Taliban’s combat in Afghanistan.   How will the Oklahoma ruling in regards to the Shariah law determine the path for the rest of America?

Space expert Taylor Dinerman joins Frank to explain how America uses space more than any other nation. Space is used for commercial and military capabilities and therefore it is necessary to protect space from hostile nations who seek to use it in order to threaten US security. China is working towards an anti-satellite missile and has joined Russia in looking to weaponize space as well as use space to impact US communications. There is an international agreement to establish laws in the use of space known as the Cod of Conduct, but it undermines America space power. This would limit testing for anti-satellite missiles as well as create a space traffic control program headed by the United Nations that would undermine American sovereignty. Will the Obama Administration concede space to our enemies?

Mitch Silber from the New York Police Department’s Intelligence Division explains how his new book, “The al-Qaeda Factor: Plots Against The West,” analyzes 16 different al-Qaeda plots in both Europe and North America since 1993. By looking into past attacks, units such as the NYPD might be able to thwart future terrorist attacks on the homeland. Al-Qaeda core influence has diminished over the years and they could not achieve their goals without people coming to them from Western nations instead of them going out and recruiting. Conspirators come from the West and policymakers need to understand that, they also need to understand the two main factors that lead a person to violence. Mitch explains that these two factors are political grievances or a literalist interpretation of Islam that calls for violence to combat non-believers. The Obama Administration desires to find that ideology plays no role in extremism, but rather just political grievances, which is a fallacy. A literalist interpretation of Islamic doctrine is at the forefront of violent extremism. Does the Obama Administration properly recognize the threat that America faces? Is the president taking the proper steps to ensure American security?

Finally, Bill Gertz gives his take on the difficulty the president faces in achieving his national security goals as well as institute the defense cuts that he has proposed. Secretary of Defense Panetta is starting to fight back against these cuts and explain how America’s military capabilities will be seriously hindered. American enemies will feel empowered and become more aggressive knowing America has a limited response. Will our allies feel secure and adequately protected by a smaller US force? What is the connection between China’s civilian technology and the military? Gertz also explains how China is trying to influence upcoming Tawain elections. There is economic warfare and the president is weak on combating this growing threat, al-Qaeda wanted to wage an economic jihad against Europe. What does this mean to American financial security?

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