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Former Senator and author of new book Gridlock , BYRON DORGAN, investigates the infrastructure vulnerabilities the United States faces with the growing EMP threat.

ROGER NORIEGA, of Inter American Watch and American Enterprise Institute, looks south of the border at the recent Gulf Cartel arrest in Mexico, Iran's presence in the region, and the rising distress in Brazil and Columbia.

ANDY MCCARTHY, of National Review Online, analyzes some of the issues and hurdles Egypt is facing currently in their quest for stability and ultimately democracy.

NINA SHEA, director of the Center for Religious Freedom at the Hudson Institute, examines the persecution of the Christians and other minorities throughout the Middle East, from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to the Islamist rebels in Syria. 

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FRED GRANDY of the Center for Security Policy talks with Frank about Michelle Bachmann's successful reappointment to the House Intelligence Committee, as well as Obama's nomination of John Brennan for director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

CHRISTIAN WHITON, principal at DC International Advisory LLC, gives his prediction on what Hillary Clinton's legacy will be. Whiton also explains the dangerous aspects of the Obama administration's position on gun control.

NINA SHEA, director of the Center for Religious Freedom, discusses the attempt by the Saudis to use PR to cover up their fight against any religion other than Islam within their borders--as well as without. The number of Christians and Jews is dropping dramatically in the Middle East and North Africa, and a Saudi fatwa issued last year called for the destruction of churches in the region.

The Washington Times' BILL GERTZ talks about the military's visibly growing nervousness towards sequestration, which now seems more likely than ever to happen. Gertz also talks about China's upcoming "missile defense test," which more likely than not is in reality a test of a satellite attack shot.

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Are we failing to understand the nature of our enemies and blinding ourselves to the threats that they pose?  Today’s guests address this issue beginning with Nina Shea of the Center for Religious Freedom at the Hudson Institute.  Nina first explains the situation in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood is not being open about its agenda for the new Egyptian government.  It is likely though that broad restrictions and punishments for any expression against Islam will continue to be instituted.  These will target women, religious minorities, and political reformers, and further hinder the discussion about freedom of speech in Egypt by essentially taking it off the table.  This perverse agenda is only being exacerbated here in the United States with the recent State Department conference with the Organization for Islamic Cooperation.


Ned May, blogger at the Gates of Vienna and Big Piece contributor, addresses the issue of Sharia law. Court cases in Europe have proven that Sharia law is being upheld and thus the question is can the imposition of Sharia happen here too?  In Austria, an activist by the name of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has been found guilty of hate speech.  Her case highlights the point that Muslims can defame Christians and Jews without facing prosecution, but under Sharia law all other faiths are prosecuted for exposing Islam.  Similarly in the United Kingdom, the courts have upheld Sharia law by forcing a Muslim mother to give her child up for adoption in order to prevent the mother’s father from carrying out honor killings.  It appears that Sharia law is taking precedent over the common law of European countries.


Next Diana West, columnist at the Washington Examiner and author of The Death of the Grown-Up, examines how the doctrine of Sharia law is being enforced in the United States.  This submission to Sharia doctrine stems from US counterinsurgency doctrine in which our goal over the years has been to convince the Islamic people, in Afghanistan for example, that we are the “good guys”.  Unfortunately this concept has led to increased sensitivity to and accommodation for Islamic norms and practices that have saturated our military training.  This has also led to directives such as at the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) that dictate adherence to Islamic law and provide a means for the regulation of American freedoms.


Today’s show concludes with Clare Lopez, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy and former CIA intelligence officer.  Clare explains some recent court cases and documents that point to the connection between the Iranian government and Al-Qaeda.  First, a judge ruled in favor of several family members of 9-11 victims because of proven evidence that Iran and Hezbollah provided support to Al-Qaeda for the terrorist attacks.  Law firms have joined together to assemble evidence that show this connection too.  The U.S. people have a right to know the truth about 9-11 and the U.S. government has the responsibility to hold these members of Iran’s political leadership accountable for their actions.

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Is the international community facing a suppression of the freedom of religion and speech in the face of Sharia law? If so, will the world be dominated by theology, rather than democratic principles? Director of the Center for Religious Freedom at the Hudson Institute, Nina Shea and her colleague, Paul Marshall join Frank to discuss their new book, Silenced: How Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes are Choking Freedom Worldwide. Shea and Marshall give us an insight into the world, where fear of violence for speaking out against Sharia is leading to massive self-censorship. Additionally, the State Department has issued a memorandum to their employees barring them from saying such words as “Salafi, liberty, and jihadist.” Is this memo a way of curbing racism in the workplace or another example of the growing influence of Sharia?


Why are American leaders like Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton working with organizations such as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to abolish negative speech about Islam? Isn’t this just an example of stripping Americans of their freedom of speech? If so, while do these same leaders continue to stress the importance of the freedom of speech? Moreover, why are people being put on trial on blasphemy charges in democratic European countries such as Italy and the Netherlands simply for expressing their opinions on Islam and Sharia?

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Mike Rinn, Vice President Directed Energy Systems Strategic Missile & Defense Systems at Boeing, joins Frank from sunny Albuquerque, N.M. to discuss the exciting new technology in ballistic missile defense. Rinn, a former Navy F-16 pilot, explains the revolution in Directed Weapons Systems, including the Airborne Laser Test Bed, what he calls “a fairly high-tech Model T.” He informs on how Boeing is making our systems more efficient operating on smaller platforms, to meet our threats worldwide. “The bad guys are still alive and well out there proliferating,” says Rinn, as he identifies these cutting edge technologies that can destroy missiles at the speed of light and literally take the “twinkle” out of the stars to sight enemy missiles. Frank applauds Rinn for his work and can’t imagine another country on earth that would give it up, as he fears we might.

Nina Shea, a leader in monitoring religious freedom around the world, discusses Hillary Clinton’s partnership with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). “We do have to be vigilant about our freedoms,” says the Hudson Institute’s Director of the Center for Religious Freedom, as she explains the nefarious attempts by the United Nations and the OIC to administer blasphemy laws in the West. Meanwhile, the actual violent speech is daily spewing out or Saudi Arabian textbooks calling Christians and Jews the enemy and for apostates to be killed, which Clinton’s state department refuses to take seriously. Shea explains that we will never solve the problem of Jihad if this is what educates the children of the Muslim world.

A case point of Shea’s warning against the attack on freedom of expression is happening right in our back yard. Fred Grandy, former Actor, Congressman, radio star and now certified “Islamaphobe,” joins Frank to explain how Islamists and the Left are seeking to shut down his right to speak in Montgomery County, Maryland. “Perhaps you have to refer to me as Gopher, the Infidel,” he says after Fred and his wife Catherine were forced out of their hit radio program on WMAL for exposing Shariah law in the United States. Shorty thereafter, Grandy had a speech cancelled in Minneapolis because his “inflammatory rhetoric” might insight violence. And now, an upcoming speech to the Chevy Chase Republican Women’s Group at a private event is being challenged by leaders in the Md. State government, claiming “divisive rhetoric has no place in Montgomery County.” Fred exposes this affront to free speech in this “immediate and local version of what’s happening at the UN.” He shares how Manda Ervin of the American Islamic Leadership Coalition courageously rushed to his aid, and how she and many others fled from the Muslim world to escape this oppression arriving on our shores.

Finally, our boots on the ground guy Jim Hanson, of, provides insight into Afghanistan and Iraq after the embassy attack in Kabul. Hanson contends the attack is less significant than the media lets on, and was not a military success, only a Public Relations one by creating the impression that the U.S. has not secured Afghanistan. He then warns of the “cut and run” strategy of transition to the Afghan forces, saying this “Potemkin security apparatus” will lead to a return to tribal politics, making our gains erode. Hanson then explains the possible “civil war” brewing in Iraq with the Kurds, and his weariness of our intelligence drying up in the war on terror.

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John Feal, Founder of FealGood Foundation, joins Frank to explain his efforts to embrace 9/11 protectors and first responders and what he’s doing to ensure 9/11 does not happen again. Feal was working as a Demolition Supervisor at Ground Zero just days after the attack when a piece of steel fell towards him landing on foot, which was later amputated. Since, Feal has worked tirelessly to support the heroes of 9/11, many of whom have suffered catastrophic health effects. Feal helped pass two bills in Congress, including last year’s James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. He also details his current push for S.911 (the SPECTRUM Act) that will enhance communication between local Firefighters and Police in the event of a future attack.
Next, Nina Shea, of the Hudson Institute, details the harrowing genocide in Sudan. Gen. Omar al-Bashir is again waging war against his own people; bombing farmers, sealing off borders and vowing to shoot down any UN relief aircraft. Shea describes the Obama Administration’s abdication of the crisis, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s meek response suggesting the North and South should stay within their borders. The Director of the Center for Religious Freedom also recounts her continuing efforts against Blasphemy laws, and the international trend of using Hate Speech laws as means to the same end. Hate speech is the “perfect proxy for Blasphemy laws,” she says, where any criticism of Islam is prosecuted, and free speech is silenced.
Historian Robert Kaufman, of Pepperdine University, enlightens us on the “penny wise, pound foolish” philosophy in Washington to gut defense in order to solve our debt crisis. Kaufman explains how the Defense budget actually is quite small, at only 4.7 percent of GDP. Like George McGovern before him, President Obama continues the folly of cutting back defense and international reach due to an “allusion that we are living in an era of perpetual peace.” He explains how throughout history this has been proven a mistake, and also the coming global geo-political nightmare if America is no longer the preeminent superpower.
Finally, Retired Col. T.X. Hammes examines the increasing use of contractors in our fighting overseas. During the Gulf War our military forces to contractor ratio was 10 to 1. Today, in Iraq that ratio is equal and last year more contractors were killed than U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan. Hammes looks into this growing phenomenon and the potential unintended consequences thereof, in which the military does not know who it is hiring. The Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for National Strategic Studies explains how the use of contractors can be a “free ride” for the government, from misleading public opinion in the Iraqi surge to usurping Congressional power.

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On todays show Frank interviews former Attorney General Ed Meese, Nina Shea, and Bill Gertz.

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On today's show Frank in joined by Nina Shea of the Hudson Institute, the new chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence Mike Rogers of Michigan, and Jim Hanson of

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